Are you a Leech or a Blessing?


I once had a dog named Chelsea. Chelsea was a very lovely dog, very friendly, very active, very welcoming and related with us like a member of the family. Whenever any of us (family member) got back home, Chelsea would run and jump into your hands to welcome you. Chelsea was like that, welcoming to family members but brutal to strangers. If you were a stranger, you couldn’t get past the gate except a member of the family comes to get you. Read More »



This is me

I am a Woman

Created in the Image of God

And Likeness of God

Created to fulfil a purpose

And an Assignment

I am blessed

I am a blessing

I am joy

I am help; A helpmeet

I am the daughter of the

Most High

I am Beautiful, Unique

And Exceptional

I am not an Accident

I was made with Intention

I am on a Mission

To impact the Lives

Of everyone I meet

The works of my hands

Makes a difference

The words I write

Which are inspired by God

Heal, brings Encouragement

Brings Hope

To everyone who reads them

The food I bake

Is Filling, Enriching and Beautiful

I am a daughter

A Sister, A Friend

A Confidant

The best friend you

Could ever have

I am Whole

I am Complete

I am Secure

This is me

This is who I am


Who are you?