May God Punish Poverty

Poverty is a bastard.

May God punish poverty in your life.

I pray for you that you will not be poor.

May the works of your hands bring forth fruits.

May you be prosperous.

May you not labour in vain.

May you be a lender, not a borrower; be a giver, not a taker.

May you never have any cause to beg for money on social media. Read More »

Let’s talk about Gifts & Talents


Every gift, talent and passion are given by God to us. He blesses us with gifts and talents for us to use and use them for His glory. The problem now arises when we misuse these gifts to suit our own purpose. For example, people gifted in ICT using this gift for internet fraud. This is not the intention of God. Read More »

Debbie’s Corner: Am I ready to become a Doctor?


Howdy, everyone?

How’s the last month of the year going like for you?

So it’s no longer news that I’m an aspiring doctor

But then I sometimes ask myself

“Hey girl, are you sure you want to be a doctor?

Are you sure you’ve got what it takes

All the stress, the exams and all

Can you really cope?

Forget the prestige of the name doctor,

Do you love the job?

Forget the lab coat,

Do you love the lifestyle (because medicine is a lifestyle)

Are you sure someone can entrust their life in your hands?

Forget all those childhood dreams, Debbie,

Do you really have the passion?

Have you been called to it? (because being a doctor is a calling)”

And then I answer myself saying

“I can do it

I was born for it

I have the passion to be a doctor

I love the job

And the lifestyle too

I believe I can do all things

Because Christ has given me the strength

I know that I have been called into this tasking army

God has given me the opportunity to choose between life and death

And I have chosen life

So yes, someone can entrust their life in my hands

Not because I can do it all

But because I know the eternal creator is always beside me

I am going into this, not for myself

But because I know

A lot of lives are tied to it

Both spiritually and physically”

And whenever I remind myself this,

I get a new zeal

A new strength to forge ahead, to carry on

I am reassured in my spirit

That I can do this

And yes I will.

Deborah Adeyanju Is An Aspiring Medical Doctor Who Is Passionate About Making A Difference In The World Of Medicine And Life. Read Her Previous Article HERE.