Maybe if you hadn’t come across the bad, the worst, you wouldn’t know what the good feels like, neither will you be able to appreciate it. You may have kissed a lot of frogs; you may have been meeting all the wrong type of people all in your quest for love. Read More »


While going through my diary this evening, I stumbled upon a poem I wrote about Love on the 27th of October 2016. I believe you will enjoy it.
What is Love?
Is it the giddiness and the excitement you feel when
You are with that special person?
What is Love?
Is it the smile that spreads across your face
When that special someone calls or text?
What is Love?
Is it the motivation to do extraordinary things?
or the motivation to do things that ordinarily
You wouldn’t have considered doing?
What is Love?
Is it the extra care you take in dressing up?
When that special care?
What is Love?
Love should be peaceful, quiet, securing
Calming and warming; I think.
They say- you’re beautiful, talented and godly,
Why are you still single?
I may not have the perfect answer
To that question
But I am patient
Patiently waiting for the one
Who will be worthy of me
I love Love
But I am willing and
Ready to wait;
Till I meet the one.

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