Help! I’m Afraid.

get out

The year was 2012, December precisely. I was on my way to Lagos for a friend’s wedding, the journey wasn’t convenient, but I had to be there. I was to be a bridesmaid at the wedding.

I set out on a Friday which unfortunately was a day when RCCG was holding their convention. Because of this programme there was a heavy traffic on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Read More »



This is the continuation of the first part which you can read here.

Saturday, 9th June 2018

The wedding was a 3 in 1 event to take place at Ipaja and I and my people were coming from ogba, so we had to leave very early so we wouldn’t miss any of the ceremonies.

That was the plan oh, but trust us women, we were supposed to leave at least 7:00 am but we ended up leaving at 8:00 am. Read More »