What are you using Social Media for? Let’s have that Conversation

Good morning people of God, this post has been a long time coming, I had been postponing it for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know how to start. But what’s today’s article about?

It’s about social media, specifically who we follow there. I had been following a particular ‘relationship page’ on Instagram for some time where I usually read all kinds of weird stories. People send in questions bugging them and readers attempt to answer them. The blog is owned by a psychologist. Read More »

In this world of bitterness & hate, Be different!

I have come to the unfortunate discovery that the society we live in, have an abundance of bitter people. Or like in popular culture; haters. Look around you, on social media; in comment sections, irrespective of how good an information is, how beautiful a story is there will always be people who will find something negative to say about it. Read More »