Yesterday, I was watching a programme on TLC, called Body Bizarre. The episode was titled A tiger ate my face. A poor fisherman in a village in Bangladesh was eaten by a tiger when he went fishing with his friends.

For twenty-three years (23), he hid away from the public due to the disfigurement of his face, but finally, he sought medically to repair his face so as to have a chance at re-integrating and living a good life.

The plastic surgeon he met told him he (the doctor) could repair his face through a series of surgeries that would last for a year.

The doctor told him to think about it and just as I had envisaged, the fisherman refused to do the surgery. His excuse was that one year is too long.

I wasn’t too surprised because there’s one thing that is synonymous with poor people is the fact that they are not risk takers. Poor people are too risk-averse.

If you guys had seen the fisherman’s face, it was horrible. The position of his mouth had shifted to one side; half of his face was gone. The tiger completely ate half of his face. He had to walk about with a handkerchief in order to cover half his face. Click here to see his face.

Now for someone who had over twenty-three years walked about with half his face covered, refuse an opportunity to have his face repaired and a chance for a better life because one year was too long? To me, it’s unbelievable.

Pastor Matthew once said a characteristic of poor people is their inability to take risk, they are afraid to invest, not trusting, sceptical and fault finders.

There’s a saying in investment that the higher the risk, the higher the returns and the lower the risk, the lower the returns. This saying also applies to life.

Without risk taking, you remain stagnant, predictable and ultimately you will become complacent. Risks are about pushing yourself until you are operating outside of your comfort zone – with good judgement, allowing yourself to take a step that might feel uncomfortable at first. Growing and realizing your full potential requires it.

The truth is you cannot be successful if you refuse to take risks. With risk-taking, the outcome may not be what you envisaged, but you would have learnt valuable life lessons and you will be better for it.

Risk-taking makes you grow – in every way.

Don’t be like that Fisherman, when there’s an opportunity that would change/better your life, take it. Don’t let fear stop you.

Life does not give you what you deserve; Life gives you what you demand. Playing it safe will not get you anywhere; at least not near your dreams.

Don’t let fear stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Ask yourself, if I wasn’t afraid, what are the things I wouldn’t be able to do? If you’re like me, there would next to nothing we wouldn’t be able to achieve.

As I end this post, keep these four things in mind.

Don’t let limited thinking stop you.

Learn from mistakes.

Focus on the outcomes and the rewards.

Recognize that success and failure are connected and are necessary for growth.

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Additional resource was gotten from https://www.huffingtonpost.com/megan-tull/how-taking-risks-evokes-l_b_10843744.html



poverty 1

A few weeks back I, my dad & my sister went for a naming ceremony, as we were returning, we picked a man we know. Prior to the time he entered the vehicle, we were all gisting (word for carefree talking), laughing and having a good time. But immediately he entered the vehicle, the whole atmosphere changed.

We were talking about funny labour stories we had heard, but this man started talking about pathetic and sad things that had happened to him and immediately instead of the laughter we were all sharing, it became a chorus of eh ya (Nigerian slang for pity/sorry).

He was revelling in the pity party he had organized and which we had joined in. He was talking about events that had happened twenty-something years ago. How he’s suffering, how he almost died, how he almost lost his son when the boy was born, how he even died and God brought him back, how he wished he didn’t come back. He just kept saying these things to garner pity.

It was unbelievable how a single individual could carry such negativity about, you met a joyous atmosphere, but no, the attention had to be on you.

You would think with all the “suffering” he’s experiencing, he would have some sense, but no, this guy has six (6) children. Not 2 or even 3, but 6 children!

And I began asking myself, how can you be so wicked as to bring plenty children into the world to come and suffer.

One day a colleague & I were talking about an issue like this, he was telling me how he wanted one more child, and I could not understand it because this is a man who borrows to pay his present three(3) children school fees.

I was asking him why he wanted more children when he could barely take care of the three he had and he said, what if it’s that one more child that God will use to liberate the family from poverty?

I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous; he said you have to keep on having children because you don’t know which of them God will use to deliver the family from poverty.

The unfortunate thing is, only the poor thinks this way. If you can’t cater for a child, don’t bring them to the world. It is your responsibility as a parent to take care of your children. It’s only people with a mindset of poverty that wait for their children to grow old so they can provide for them.

How can you have six children and you are complaining of poverty & suffering? It’s a given; if you don’t have a job and you have kids you will definitely be poor. It’s not fair bringing children into the world just to make them suffer, asides that, with that type of negativity things will definitely be hard.

This man attends my church and every single time, you would see his six children trekking to church, irrespective of the time and distance.

I was telling my sister, how dangerous that is. You are putting them at risk every single time, in the name of going to church!

There’s a saying that was popular on social media, that if you don’t work hard, you will spend all your time in church shouting, I RECEIVE.

It’s funny but true, the average poor Christian believes all I need to make to make it in life is to pray. Prayer is good, but in the wise words of a very great woman, Jemimah Mbaya, if your life is not moving forward, it’s time to stop praying and start thinking.

God doesn’t reward laziness; if you put in the work he will bless the work of your hands.

There was a time on twitter, a lady wrote, if you don’t have a car; don’t have more than two children. There was a lot of uproar about that statement, but there’s so much truth in it.

Why are you poor? because you are making wrong choices.

 God gave us brain for a reason, so you would think; so use it.

Like I always say, this life is 100% your responsibility, NO ONE is coming to rescue you, I don’t care who you think has that responsibility; NO ONE has got that job.

So get up and do YOUR job NOW.