What are you using Social Media for? Let’s have that Conversation

Good morning people of God, this post has been a long time coming, I had been postponing it for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know how to start. But what’s today’s article about?

It’s about social media, specifically who we follow there. I had been following a particular ‘relationship page’ on Instagram for some time where I usually read all kinds of weird stories. People send in questions bugging them and readers attempt to answer them. The blog is owned by a psychologist. Read More »

Made a Mistake? Don’t fret. It’s all for your good


As a creative person and someone who does handwork, there have been times I was making something or designing a cake and I made mistakes, but because I am the one making it, I turn that mistake into a style. And if you aren’t told, you wouldn’t know it was a mistake. Read More »



Before my sister started her blog, she told me about the blog idea and I supported her (as a good sister) because the idea was a good one but then she told me I should prepare write-ups and articles to put on the blog (mind you, I had never written anyone before). I was really confused on how to even start or how to write. After a while of no response from me, I think she got the memo and stopped asking me (this was last year). But then, at the beginning of August, she didn’t even ask me, I suggested having a segment on her blog. Read More »