TMOGL is Taking a Break

Hello everyone, long time no hear. I hope you all are doing great? It’s taking everything in me to write this post. I have been putting off writing this for so long, but yesterday night while having a heartfelt discussion with my sister I decided to pen this post. 

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Welcome to the City where Car Owners park their cars outside their fences at night because their compounds (if they have one) are too tight and the people too many.

Welcome to the city where everyone, in fact, no one trusts each other. Everyone is a suspect, lol. My God, asking for directions in this town is a nightmare. Read More »

I have a New Book: Not a Bed of Roses (A Novel)

Good morning everyone, I hope you guys have been good? Long time no hear. I have good news for you today; my first novel is out and available for purchase.

It is titled Not a Bed of Roses and it is based on a series I wrote here on the blog.

The series has been rewritten, revamped and given a whole new touch; A lot of Heart, Soul, time and money went into it. it is available online for just One thousand naira (N1,000) on Okada Books. Please click this link to make a Purchase and to find out every information you need to know about the book.

It is a story of Love, accepting God, and discovering purpose. Please show your girl some love, by buying this book, you won’t regret it.

And when you buy and read, hit me up and tell me what you think. Thank you.

Love and Light.

PS: I will be in Lagos next week, so anyone who resides there and wants to see this Great Lady and buy her book (Virginity under Attack) please hit me up. God bless you all.

What are you using Social Media for? Let’s have that Conversation

Good morning people of God, this post has been a long time coming, I had been postponing it for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know how to start. But what’s today’s article about?

It’s about social media, specifically who we follow there. I had been following a particular ‘relationship page’ on Instagram for some time where I usually read all kinds of weird stories. People send in questions bugging them and readers attempt to answer them. The blog is owned by a psychologist. Read More »

To Clout Chasers, Happy Children’s Day

Shout out to people who do things for clout; people who live for the validation of social media.

Shout out to everyone who posts things on social media to pepper complete strangers.

Shout out to people who mirror their lives by what they see on social media.

Shout out to people who agree to be peppered and end up burnt because they can’t keep up.

To the clout chasers and the attention seekers, today is your day.

Happy Children’s Day!

May your day be filled with better ideas for clout chasing. I wish you muscle for the struggle ahead.  

PS: to foreigners, May 27th which is today is designated to celebrate children.

Lessons Learnt from the Genealogy of Jesus: Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, here goes part 2 of Lessons I learnt from the Genealogy of Jesus.

You will notice that four (4) women were mentioned in the genealogy. But reading through the Bible, you will notice that it is very unusual for women to be mentioned in genealogies. So one would wonder why these women were mentioned. What did they do that was extraordinary? Let’s delve into it.Read More »

Lessons Learned from the Genealogy of Jesus: Part 1

Hello everyone, forgive me for my long silence. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but really I’m sorry. I have been busy working on my second book, a Novel. That will soon be out, and bet me you will love it. Now let’s get to the article for today.

I decided not too long ago that I wanted to read the whole of the New Testament again because I needed refreshing of God’s Word. You know you don’t eat food only once or twice, you eat food always, else you will just dry up. Read More »

International Women’s Day: Balance for Better

Good morning everyone, long time no hear. I hope you’ve been living your best life? As for me, I have tried to do just that.

Anyway, welcome to the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day. I have been ruminating these past few days on what I should write. I was clueless until last night.

Personally, I’m not a bandwagon type of person but I believe today is a day for reflection, reflecting on how far we’ve come as women, and celebrating our achievements. Read More »

Sexuality: Is the Battle Lost?

A few weeks ago, I and my brother were having a conversation and somehow the conversation drifted to homosexuals, and he was like how on earth will a guy in his right mind be sleeping with another man? That it was disgusting.

One day he randomly asked me if I had listened to Falz new album, #moralinstruction, I was like yeah, I have. As a matter of fact, I was the one who introduced him to the album, because I believe it’s one of the best ever and has a lot of things we can learn from. That conversation ended like that. Read More »