TMOGL is Taking a Break

Hello everyone, long time no hear. I hope you all are doing great? It’s taking everything in me to write this post. I have been putting off writing this for so long, but yesterday night while having a heartfelt discussion with my sister I decided to pen this post. 

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To Clout Chasers, Happy Children’s Day

Shout out to people who do things for clout; people who live for the validation of social media.

Shout out to everyone who posts things on social media to pepper complete strangers.

Shout out to people who mirror their lives by what they see on social media.

Shout out to people who agree to be peppered and end up burnt because they can’t keep up.

To the clout chasers and the attention seekers, today is your day.

Happy Children’s Day!

May your day be filled with better ideas for clout chasing. I wish you muscle for the struggle ahead.  

PS: to foreigners, May 27th which is today is designated to celebrate children.


Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing great.

This is a formal invitation to the Launch of my First book, Virginity Under Attack and the Celebration of my 30 decades on God’s gracious earth.

If you happen to live in Abuja or are opportune to be around then, please do me the honours and come.

God bless you and thank you for all the support.

Pre-Order My First Book Now


Hello everyone, Long time no Hear. My long awaited book which I have been working on is now available for Pre-Order. It is titled Virginity Under Attack.

Why did I write this book? I wrote this book out of a passion to see each & every one of us live & walk-in sexual purity. It breaks my heart each time I see the high rise in sexual immorality. It truly breaks my heart.

It came to a head one day after I had read a story on Stella dimoko korkus blog and I was so angry. So angry I was, I picked up my pen and started writing.

The book is titled Virginity under Attack, but much more than virginity is sexual purity and of which emphasis and importance is placed. You see, it is only futile and amounts to self-deception if as a single person, you claim to be a virgin yet have done anything and everything just short of sexual intercourse. You’re impure. Sexual purity begins in your heart. Purity is a heart issue. Let’s not deceive ourselves, my people say what you won’t eat don’t smell it.

Also in this book, are life experiences of different people. From Virgins (both males & females), people who have had sex before, people who got married as virgins, and people who had previously had sex before eventually getting married.

I thought it necessary to seek the life stories & examples of individuals so we can be well informed and learn.

Also in this book explicitly discussed is the sexual abuse of children. It’ll interest you to know that

1 in 4 girls experience sexual


 And 1 in 10 boys experience sexual

violence before age 18.

Also, 90% of abusers target children in their own families and children who they know well.

This book is a must have because it’s for everyone. To the individual on the journey of purpose, to the single person who’s wondering how to do relationships God’s way especially in this morally corrupt society of ours, to the married person, and the parents on how to raise sexually pure children and to keep them from abuse.

If you are a true fan of this Blog, you would know how passionate I am about Sexual Purity and I decided it was time to do something about It. This Book is a Product of that decision.
If You Would Want A Copy, Please Get In Touch. God Bless You.

Whatsapp: +2348128083833

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Help! I’m Afraid.

get out

The year was 2012, December precisely. I was on my way to Lagos for a friend’s wedding, the journey wasn’t convenient, but I had to be there. I was to be a bridesmaid at the wedding.

I set out on a Friday which unfortunately was a day when RCCG was holding their convention. Because of this programme there was a heavy traffic on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Read More »

INEC will not count Your Prayer Points: Go and Get your PVC


My fellow Nigerians, hahaha. Forgive me but I have to start this way. You know in Nigeria when a Government official begins with my Fellow Nigerians, you know they want to say something serious.

So my fellow Nigerians, another election will soon be upon us, I know you are praying for good leaders and a peaceful country but INEC will not count your prayer points, it’s your votes that will be counted. I know prayer is important, but we have prayed enough, it is now time for action and CHANGE.

This one is not APC’s change, oh, but the only way you can change and remove a bad government is through active participation and voting.

We have to get involved and be serious about good governance, we have slept on the sidelines for far too long.

How do you participate? Join politics, get involved. The days of saying Politics is a dirty game is long over. By the way, how won’t it be dirty when the people involved are dirty? If you want the game of politics to be clean, then clean people have to get involved.

If you can’t join politics, then you must exercise the power you have by getting registered, vote, educate and inform others to do same.

Don’t sell your vote, it is not for sale. It’s your future and the future of this great nation that we are talking about here. How can one mortgage his or her future for monetary gain? In fact, in some cases, it’s not even monetary gain, but things as little as tea, rice, garri etc.

The truth is politicians use the tool of poverty to continually enslave the people, if not how else will someone in his/her right senses will sell his/her vote for Lipton that you will drink today and piss out tomorrow.

Don’t mortgage your future for N500.

I remember the last election, in the FCT where I stay, it was difficult getting bikes during that period because Hausas had all travelled home to vote. But you tell Christians to vote, you hear one silly excuse or the other. Christians are just comfortable to pray. It haf do.

It would interest you to note that out of 67,422,005 being the total number of people who registered, only 29,432,083 of that number voted. It is even on record that the year 2015 has the lowest voter turnout ever since our transition to democracy. This must not be the case in 2019.

So my Fellow Nigerians, if you haven’t previously registered to vote, please do register and VOTE.

To register, visit the INEC website here. Type in the name of the state where you presently reside, for example, if you live in Abuja, just type in FCT. Click the result, a list of the registration centres in FCT will come up.

To confirm your voter registration status, click here.

If you have registered before, but you no longer live where you registered, you can transfer your registration, click here to know how to do so.

Protect your vote. Don’t sell your vote and please encourage others not to.

Let’s use every medium available to us, to campaign for active participation, registration and voting. If you want Nigeria to be better, you MUST fulfil this civic function.

God bless you all and bless this great country Nigeria.

Thank you for reading.

PS: If you do not vote, you have no right whatsoever to criticize any government.




Yesterday, I was watching a programme on TLC, called Body Bizarre. The episode was titled A tiger ate my face. A poor fisherman in a village in Bangladesh was eaten by a tiger when he went fishing with his friends.

For twenty-three years (23), he hid away from the public due to the disfigurement of his face, but finally, he sought medically to repair his face so as to have a chance at re-integrating and living a good life.

The plastic surgeon he met told him he (the doctor) could repair his face through a series of surgeries that would last for a year.

The doctor told him to think about it and just as I had envisaged, the fisherman refused to do the surgery. His excuse was that one year is too long.

I wasn’t too surprised because there’s one thing that is synonymous with poor people is the fact that they are not risk takers. Poor people are too risk-averse.

If you guys had seen the fisherman’s face, it was horrible. The position of his mouth had shifted to one side; half of his face was gone. The tiger completely ate half of his face. He had to walk about with a handkerchief in order to cover half his face. Click here to see his face.

Now for someone who had over twenty-three years walked about with half his face covered, refuse an opportunity to have his face repaired and a chance for a better life because one year was too long? To me, it’s unbelievable.

Pastor Matthew once said a characteristic of poor people is their inability to take risk, they are afraid to invest, not trusting, sceptical and fault finders.

There’s a saying in investment that the higher the risk, the higher the returns and the lower the risk, the lower the returns. This saying also applies to life.

Without risk taking, you remain stagnant, predictable and ultimately you will become complacent. Risks are about pushing yourself until you are operating outside of your comfort zone – with good judgement, allowing yourself to take a step that might feel uncomfortable at first. Growing and realizing your full potential requires it.

The truth is you cannot be successful if you refuse to take risks. With risk-taking, the outcome may not be what you envisaged, but you would have learnt valuable life lessons and you will be better for it.

Risk-taking makes you grow – in every way.

Don’t be like that Fisherman, when there’s an opportunity that would change/better your life, take it. Don’t let fear stop you.

Life does not give you what you deserve; Life gives you what you demand. Playing it safe will not get you anywhere; at least not near your dreams.

Don’t let fear stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Ask yourself, if I wasn’t afraid, what are the things I wouldn’t be able to do? If you’re like me, there would next to nothing we wouldn’t be able to achieve.

As I end this post, keep these four things in mind.

Don’t let limited thinking stop you.

Learn from mistakes.

Focus on the outcomes and the rewards.

Recognize that success and failure are connected and are necessary for growth.

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to share your thoughts and also to subscribe to receive new posts as they arrive.

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