In Commeration of World Oral Health day, Here are 6 ways your tongue is warning you about your Health

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is celebrated every year on 20 March. It is an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of oral hygiene to looking after everyone old and young.

It is a day for people to have fun – that should be a day full of activities that make us laugh, sing and smile!

So, on World Oral Health Day, here are 6 signs your tongue might be sending you warning signs about your health.

  1. White coated tongue

If your tongue has a white, creamy coating, you might be suffering from a condition known as Oral Thrush. This is basically a yeast infection in your mouth caused by the Candida albicans fungus. While it is a fungus that is naturally found in the mouth, if it spreads all over your tongue, then the roof of your mouth and throat, it can indicate a weakened immunity, as well as other untreated diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer. Oral Thrush is treatable, so it’s best to see a doctor if you find anyone showing this symptom.
white coated tongue

  1. Red tongue

The colour of a healthy tongue is rosy pink. So, if your tongue looks as red as a cherry, it might be because of one of two reasons. You could have a lack of B vitamins and iron in your body, and this issue can be treated easily with a proper diet that includes foods rich in these nutrients. But if your throat is scratchy along with a red tongue, you could be suffering from strep throat. This, again, can be treated with proper medication and care.

  1. Bald tongue

A healthy tongue is supposed to have bumps on it because of the many papillae on it. In case you didn’t know, it is these papillae that hold the tastebuds, and can help distinguish between the five tastes–sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. So, if your tongue feels too smooth or bald, and looks pale too, it could indicate a major lack of B vitamins and iron in the body. If this goes untreated, you could lose your tastbuds completely. The best way to deal with this issue is to have a diet rich in vitamins and iron.

  1. Cracked tongue

Yes, the tongue is supposed to look and feel rough. But if you can see cracks and fissures on it, that is definitely not a good sign. A cracked tongue is an indicator of a problem with your immune system, and needs immediate medical attention. Even when they don’t indicate a major issue with your body, a cracked tongue can serve as an ideal place for bacteria to set up home. It’s best to go to a doctor and get the issue treated.
cracked tongue

  1. Bumpy, painful tongue

A little bump or sore on the side of your tongue is usually nothing to worry about, even if it is painful. It can happen when you bite your tongue accidentally, or in your sleep, or if something rough is stuck in your teeth and rubbing against the tongue. Painful sores can also result from the irritation caused by food that is too hot or spicy. But while these sores are mostly harmless, if they last for more than a week, you should get them checked by a doctor.

  1. Black, hairy tongue

Looking in the mirror and finding out that your tongue has a black, hairy-looking coating can be quite disturbing. While it might look absolutely horrifying, a black, hairy tongue indicates excessive bacterial growth, and can be easily treated. Stop consuming high-sugar foods, and maintain better oral hygiene. This condition can also be caused by smoking excessively, so you might want to control the habit as well.

The tongue actually sends us a number of signals about the state of our health, and if you can identify the problems early on and treat them, you will feel the better for it. So, learn to read your tongue, and you’ll be healthy and happy.

This article was culled from India today. You can view the website here.





not too young to run

On Saturday, I went for an event for SME’S and Small businesses. It was a Tax Forum organized by Play Network. Prior to the event, I was very excited, honestly. And I was counting down; I had even selected an outfit (an outfit I ended up not wearing). Anyway, I got there very early, in fact, one full hour before it was billed to start. Why? I went to another event and that closed very early. Read More »



This is me

I am a Woman

Created in the Image of God

And Likeness of God

Created to fulfil a purpose

And an Assignment

I am blessed

I am a blessing

I am joy

I am help; A helpmeet

I am the daughter of the

Most High

I am Beautiful, Unique

And Exceptional

I am not an Accident

I was made with Intention

I am on a Mission

To impact the Lives

Of everyone I meet

The works of my hands

Makes a difference

The words I write

Which are inspired by God

Heal, brings Encouragement

Brings Hope

To everyone who reads them

The food I bake

Is Filling, Enriching and Beautiful

I am a daughter

A Sister, A Friend

A Confidant

The best friend you

Could ever have

I am Whole

I am Complete

I am Secure

This is me

This is who I am


Who are you?

INEC will not count Your Prayer Points: Go and Get your PVC


My fellow Nigerians, hahaha. Forgive me but I have to start this way. You know in Nigeria when a Government official begins with my Fellow Nigerians, you know they want to say something serious.

So my fellow Nigerians, another election will soon be upon us, I know you are praying for good leaders and a peaceful country but INEC will not count your prayer points, it’s your votes that will be counted. I know prayer is important, but we have prayed enough, it is now time for action and CHANGE.

This one is not APC’s change, oh, but the only way you can change and remove a bad government is through active participation and voting.

We have to get involved and be serious about good governance, we have slept on the sidelines for far too long.

How do you participate? Join politics, get involved. The days of saying Politics is a dirty game is long over. By the way, how won’t it be dirty when the people involved are dirty? If you want the game of politics to be clean, then clean people have to get involved.

If you can’t join politics, then you must exercise the power you have by getting registered, vote, educate and inform others to do same.

Don’t sell your vote, it is not for sale. It’s your future and the future of this great nation that we are talking about here. How can one mortgage his or her future for monetary gain? In fact, in some cases, it’s not even monetary gain, but things as little as tea, rice, garri etc.

The truth is politicians use the tool of poverty to continually enslave the people, if not how else will someone in his/her right senses will sell his/her vote for Lipton that you will drink today and piss out tomorrow.

Don’t mortgage your future for N500.

I remember the last election, in the FCT where I stay, it was difficult getting bikes during that period because Hausas had all travelled home to vote. But you tell Christians to vote, you hear one silly excuse or the other. Christians are just comfortable to pray. It haf do.

It would interest you to note that out of 67,422,005 being the total number of people who registered, only 29,432,083 of that number voted. It is even on record that the year 2015 has the lowest voter turnout ever since our transition to democracy. This must not be the case in 2019.

So my Fellow Nigerians, if you haven’t previously registered to vote, please do register and VOTE.

To register, visit the INEC website here. Type in the name of the state where you presently reside, for example, if you live in Abuja, just type in FCT. Click the result, a list of the registration centres in FCT will come up.

To confirm your voter registration status, click here.

If you have registered before, but you no longer live where you registered, you can transfer your registration, click here to know how to do so.

Protect your vote. Don’t sell your vote and please encourage others not to.

Let’s use every medium available to us, to campaign for active participation, registration and voting. If you want Nigeria to be better, you MUST fulfil this civic function.

God bless you all and bless this great country Nigeria.

Thank you for reading.

PS: If you do not vote, you have no right whatsoever to criticize any government.


Because You are a Woman: A Poem


Because you are a Woman

You can’t be hard

You must learn to be soft

A Woman is soft

Because you are a Woman

You CANNOT be Stubborn

You CANNOT have your own Mind

Because you are a Woman

A Woman is not Stubborn

You must learn to always CHANGE

Your Mind

Because you are a Woman

You cannot express yourself

You must NOT say what you

REALLY mean to say

Because you are a Woman

You cannot be angry

Even if you are,

You must NOT show it

Because you are a Woman

You cannot argue

Even if you disagree

Don’t say it; Just agree

Because when you become a WIFE

You must not argue with your Husband

Because you are a Woman

You cannot talk back to me

It doesn’t matter if the other party

Is your colleague

You just CANNOT talk back to me

Because you are a Woman

You cannot go to another Church

What will people say?

Because you are a Woman

You must cook irrespective

Of whether you are tired or Not

Because when you become a WIFE

It will be a NEEDED skill

In your Husband’s House

Because you are a Woman

You must Marry and you

Must Marry NOW

Because you are a Woman

Your time is running out

So you MUST Marry NOW

Because you are a Woman

You don’t need to further

Your education

Too much book is not

Good for a Woman

Because you are a Woman


On this side

I have been made to see that

Being a Woman is only

To my disadvantage

I can’t be myself

Because the way God made me

Has now become my LIMITATION

Because I am a Woman

I sometimes ask myself

Maybe something is wrong with me

Maybe I am not capable of

Doing something great;

And Becoming More

Maybe this life; the one

I have being limited to

Is truly the Life I am meant to Live

But No!

This is not it

I am more than this

I am more than what I am NOW

Because I am a Woman

I have been made for so much More

If you are a Lady reading this and you’ve ever been told you couldn’t do something because you are a Woman, kindly share in the comment section.

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