What are you using Social Media for? Let’s have that Conversation

Good morning people of God, this post has been a long time coming, I had been postponing it for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know how to start. But what’s today’s article about?

It’s about social media, specifically who we follow there. I had been following a particular ‘relationship page’ on Instagram for some time where I usually read all kinds of weird stories. People send in questions bugging them and readers attempt to answer them. The blog is owned by a psychologist. Read More »

Lessons Learned from the Genealogy of Jesus: Part 1

Hello everyone, forgive me for my long silence. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but really I’m sorry. I have been busy working on my second book, a Novel. That will soon be out, and bet me you will love it. Now let’s get to the article for today.

I decided not too long ago that I wanted to read the whole of the New Testament again because I needed refreshing of God’s Word. You know you don’t eat food only once or twice, you eat food always, else you will just dry up. Read More »

International Women’s Day: Balance for Better

Good morning everyone, long time no hear. I hope you’ve been living your best life? As for me, I have tried to do just that.

Anyway, welcome to the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day. I have been ruminating these past few days on what I should write. I was clueless until last night.

Personally, I’m not a bandwagon type of person but I believe today is a day for reflection, reflecting on how far we’ve come as women, and celebrating our achievements. Read More »

What I Learnt from my Book Launch

Hello everyone, how has 2019 been for you so far? This post has been a long time coming and I’m happy I’m finally done with it. As some of you may know, I launched my first book Virginity under Attack on the 17th of November, 2018. I learnt a lot from the before, during and after publishing the book and planning the launch event.

I decided to share my lessons because I know you all will learn a lot and also get to see the behind the scenes of what was the most memorable day of my life so far. Read More »

How Can You Celebrate Like THIS???


How can you celebrate like this? How can you celebrate your birthday like this?! She said mockingly looking me over.

This was what a “mentor” told me after I had told her many months ago that I was going to celebrate my 30th birthday.

I was literally shocked; this was someone I looked up to, telling me I shouldn’t celebrate my thirtieth because I’m still single.

Read More »

Are You all You Wanted To Be?


Group of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

This past Sunday I & my family were in Bingham University Karu for my brother’s graduation thanksgiving. During one of the presentations, the graduates were reminded not to let go of their dreams, and to pursue it at all cost.

They were asked one important question, are you all you wanted to be? When you were a little child, those dreams that you had then, are you fulfilling them now?

This question made me think about my life. I had a lot of dreams growing up. I knew what I wanted to do. I left the University with lots of hope for the future.

But Life happened. I wanted to go abroad for my Masters programme but lack of finance halted that dream. I got admission into different schools more than once. My mother later applied for a loan which was granted, but the money wasn’t paid until a day after the deadline for tuition deposit had passed.

I had never cried so much in my life. I cried and my mother cried. We both cried hot tears.

Unfortunately that event and all the previous events, made me lose hope. I couldn’t get back myself until years later.

I left school a bookworm, but right now I dread academic reading.

To all the graduates finishing school who happens to read this, please don’t give up on your dreams. Life will happen, your dreams, your goals, your vision, even your purpose will be tested. Your faith will be tested. Your friendships will be tested. You will lose friends. Family bonds will be tested. You may be pushed to your limits, but in all this please hear me clearly, DO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF WHAT MATTERS.

Have a goal, have something tangible that you want to achieve and pursue it vigorously. Don’t lose sight of what matters; please.

You know what, every successful person you know or have ever met, have once encountered failure, but the thing is they refused to give up, they kept pushing. Only failures give excuses and live by them.

Like I always say, you don’t go through challenges for nothing. There is a reason for every pain. Learn from your challenges, don’t just go through them. It may bring out of you something you never envisioned and you may be better for it. Take this from the girl who never envisaged she would one day write. I never in my wildest imaginations ever thought that I would one day become a writer, but here I am preparing to launch my first book.

As I was listening to those kids, I had tears in my eyes because I was saying to myself, may I at last become successful.

Your family has invested so much in you, everyone who knows you is praying and hoping you become successful, don’t let them down.

I am rooting for you; as always and I want you to be successful.

To every other person reading this, Are you all you wanted to be?

Thank you for reading. Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead.

PS: my first book will soon be out. Please be prepared.