TMOGL is Taking a Break

Hello everyone, long time no hear. I hope you all are doing great? It’s taking everything in me to write this post. I have been putting off writing this for so long, but yesterday night while having a heartfelt discussion with my sister I decided to pen this post. 

The Memoirs of a Great Lady blog would be taking a break. This was a painful decision to make, but it’s something I really thought hard and long about. I have decided to close the blog, this blog you all or most of you have come to love, albeit temporarily.

This decision is due to the following reasons. First, the cost of renewing the blog for another year is something I won’t be able to fund this time. The money I have and I am spending to keep the blog alive is not commensurate with the income I am getting. So basically, running it at this rate is a loss.

Secondly, I have come to the painful conclusion that I have given up. For years, I told people don’t give up. I tried my best to inspire and encourage young people especially women to be the best they can be and live life to the fullest but right now I feel like a hypocrite because, to be honest, I have given up.

I do not have the energy or the mental strength to write. I am sorry but this is how I feel and not to give an excuse but this feeling of giving up is another reason I haven’t written in a long time. The poor sales of my debut Novel on Okada books was the final straw. This is not to complain but I feel I should be open.

With all that being said, I may start another blog albeit anonymously so I can share my thoughts without being afraid (lol).

I will forever be grateful to have started this blog. I never knew I could write until I started TMOGL, in fact, I never knew I had a passion for writing until I started the Memoirsofanabujaboredgirl (that was the first name).

This blog gave me an outlet to inspire, rant and express my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I have written two books, one on Sexual Immorality (Virginity under Attack) and the other a Novel (Not a Bed of Roses), I have written short stories, you can read them here and here, published my articles on Bella Naija, you can read them here, here, here, here, here, here, published on other international blogs and for all these I am grateful.

Most importantly, this blog gave me you. Yes, you, my most esteemed reader. I am grateful to everyone who ever read, commented, liked or shared any of my articles or posts. I am grateful for every friend I have made through this blog, e.g. Tolu God bless you all abundantly.

From the 14th of November, 2019 which is sadly a day to my 31st birthday (I am getting old, lol) this site will no longer run. Maybe it’s even a good thing i.e. the beginning of a new chapter hopefully for me.

I am still very much active on social media @thegreat_lady on Twitter and Instagram, so please feel free to reach out and connect.

God bless you all and may this not be the end of our journey together.

Love and Light,

Forever the Great Lady.

Edit: so the date is not November 14th, like I thought, its December 14th, so just maybe I may write one or two posts before the site goes down.

6 thoughts on “TMOGL is Taking a Break

  1. 😕 tough decision I believe. Totally respect your decision but I hope you pick up your pen some other time and write. I am looking forward to reading from you. I believe the rope is still long and the end has not come, let’s take this as a break. See your writings soon.


  2. I totally get your decision maybe because I have been there but I don’t see this as you giving up, I will call it a break to recharge and come back stronger. A writer never truly stops writing anyway. Don’t be discouraged and I know that you will still continue to be a source of light and encouragement❤❤


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