Welcome to the City where Car Owners park their cars outside their fences at night because their compounds (if they have one) are too tight and the people too many.

Welcome to the city where everyone, in fact, no one trusts each other. Everyone is a suspect, lol. My God, asking for directions in this town is a nightmare.

Welcome to the City where its residents hardly visit people. It doesn’t matter who they are, be it family, relatives, siblings, friends, they do NOT VISIT each other. You and your sibling can live in this city and not see each other for a whole YEAR. Jesus. I wonder how relationships survive in this town.

Welcome to the City that never sleeps: the city where you are accustomed to traffic, and madness.

Welcome to the City where everyone is a hustler. These people are sharp, veryyyy business-oriented and creative. It has its downsides and upsides but generally, it is good. It’s not like Abuja where no one sends you, (no one gives a damn about you) but here Customer is Boss and King. Everyone in this city is looking for money, hahaha.

Welcome to the City where drivers are always in a hurry, pedestrians are always running, and the streets are never quiet.

Welcome to the City of Lagos, yes guys I am presently in Lagos for a holiday. I’ve been around for the past week, and I am enjoying myself so far.

 I wanted to give you guys a blow by blow account of my stay, but I’ve been too lazy to write. I really thought I’ll be able to get a lot of things done this holiday, but mehn the reality is opposite the case.

The only thing I’ve been able to do asides eating, (looool) is watching movies, play games, go out and spend money (unhappy about this one). Small outing, big money has been expended, LWKMD.

I have been going up and down in this Lagos, yesterday I went to Sangotedo Lekki. I didn’t realise how far it was until the journey started. It was fun though, but it was far and I spent money, hahaha.

Ehen, I forgot to tell you guys that from the day I set foot in Lagos, I’ve been seeing Celebrities everywhere. Hahahaha, (pretty happy about this one). I should post a pic, but I have to respect the privacy of the people involved.

Thank God I have been able to write this short update. I will try and keep you guys posted. By the way, can you guys please buy my book? I put a lot of hard work into it. Please support my ministry.

The book, a Novel is titled Not a Bed of Roses and it’s the story of a Nigerian girl who in her search for love, found God and discovered her purpose. You can read the synopsis and the link to buy HERE. It is for a thousand naira only, thank you. I promise you, the book will change your life.

Thank you for reading. To read a previous article where I wrote fully about Lagos, click HERE.

Please I would you to share your thoughts. Have you been to Lagos? Do you live here and how do you cope in this city?

Love and Light, Adejoke.

PS: I went to see the movie The Set-Up twice now at the cinemas, and I can tell you hands down it is the Best Nigerian Movie of 2019. No jokes. If you are in Nigeria, please go and see it. It is not the usual Nollywood movie. And while at it, please pay attention.

PPS: my foreign readers may not understand some words, so here goes LWKMD: Laugh wants to kill me die (Nigerian slangs).

EHEN: a Nigerian slang that can mean different things, in this case, it means now.

MEHN: like seriously, really.


One thought on “LAGOS AGAIN!!!

  1. Lagos is not a sane place please, I can’t deal. The hustles and bustles are just outta this world. Residents of Lagos have special Grace for Craze


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