What are you using Social Media for? Let’s have that Conversation

Good morning people of God, this post has been a long time coming, I had been postponing it for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know how to start. But what’s today’s article about?

It’s about social media, specifically who we follow there. I had been following a particular ‘relationship page’ on Instagram for some time where I usually read all kinds of weird stories. People send in questions bugging them and readers attempt to answer them. The blog is owned by a psychologist.

The stories are not just weird, but most times creepy, sexual etc. It was from that blog I got an idea just how much immoral we are as a people.

My sister once asked me why I follow the blog and I told her, I followed to get ideas on things to write about(at least I told myself that).

I didn’t know the effect the page had on me until I began to doubt the existence of truly happy couples. Anytime I see a couple, no matter how close they are or how loving they appear to be, in my heart I would say, ‘that husband must be cheating.’

This was weird because I am the type of person who usually says, even if all men are bad, mine would be an exception. And the funny part is, I didn’t even know when my orientation/mindset started to change.

I believe that’s how subtle the devil uses the media to re-orientate us that we don’t even know when or how it happened.

I had to call myself to order and asked myself a question, when did you become like this? When did you become this pessimistic to great relationships? And then I traced it to the blog I was following.

There were always stories of husbands cheating, unfaithfulness in marriage, single ladies preferring married men and the likes.

And that was when I made the decision to unfollow the blog. To be honest, it was hard to actually unfollow because my flesh was being entertained and it wanted more. And so I stalled to unfollow.

Until one day when a friend came to see me in the office and somehow we got into the topic of the influence of social media. And then we started talking about that particular page. In the midst of the discussion, I knew it was God that brought him and He (God) wanted me to end the relationship with the page.

Right there with my friend still in my office, I unfollowed the page. And you won’t believe the ‘pessimistic all men cheat ideas’ in my head have been starved of their food and since there’s nothing to feed on, I’m no longer carrying that mentality that men are cheaters.

Well, if you believe that men are liable to cheat, better believe yours will, but as for me, my husband will not cheat in Jesus name.

Now the story hasn’t ended, I have three Instagram pages, one for the blog @thegreat_lady, one for my cake business @cakesbyaplus and my personal page. I was using my blog page to follow that page. One day while on my personal page, I discovered my personal page was following the said blog (I had no idea).

I was at a crossroad, I could either be a hypocrite and continue following (because like I said earlier, my flesh was being entertained) or do the right thing and unfollow, and so I decided to unfollow.

If I didn’t unfollow, then I’m a hypocrite because I’m not doing what I preach, but thank God for grace and wisdom to make right choices.

What I’m I trying to say in all of this, we have to be careful with what we feed our spirit, we have to screen what we allow into our ear gates, our eye gates and what we say with our mouth.

The bible says we shall have what we say, if you believe great relationships are impossible, that is exactly what you will experience, but if you believe great and happy relationships is your reality and work towards it, you shall have it.

The power of social media is so tremendous that if one is not watchful, you’ll be influenced, rightly or wrongly.

One thing you should realise is that whatever you’re not influencing is influencing you. There are no two ways about it. You are influenced every day by what you let into our spirit whether you like it or not.

And this influence is usually very subtle, you wouldn’t even realise you’re being changed.

The movies we watch, the songs we listen to, the people we let speak into our lives, the people we follow, whether you realise it or not, you’re being modelled into whatever you feed your spirit.

The world we presently live in, is no longer black or white, we’re getting to grey areas because our mantra now is do whatever the hell makes you happy. But as children of God, we can’t do whatever makes us happy (topic for another day).

We shouldn’t submit ourselves to whatever or whoever that does or portray things that do not align with God’s will for our lives.

If the church is sleeping, the devil is not and social media is there to prove it. Why is suicide on the increase in Nigeria? Why is depression now a new normal? Are we comparing ourselves to the life we see on social media that may not be real? The bible says, if you compare yourself to another, you’re not wise.

One function of the media is to amplify whatever it is they want you to see.

In as much as we can talk about the ills of social media, the benefits are there too, one of which is but not limited to helping to promote a business or a cause, bridging the gap in relationships etc.

So I’m not saying social media in itself is bad, no its not. But we should be watchful over what we let into our spirit.

On this same social media, many have met the Lord; many have been positively engineered and inspired, so it’s not altogether bad. But when statistics say adults spend at least eleven (11) hours on social media then it’s obvious that social media has widespread coverage and influence.

Now the question is what will you use social media for? Will it be to your benefit or will you let it ruin you?

Remember, if you are not influencing someone, you’re being influenced.

Thank you for reading. I wish you an inspired great life.

3 thoughts on “What are you using Social Media for? Let’s have that Conversation

  1. Great write up, No doubt, social media has had a profound influence in our society. Arguably, it has more adverse effect especially on our youths. In truth, what you spend time with the most will have a way of controlling your thought process.Many people hastily generalize on issues. Every situation is unique! And as they say, you can command what you desire in life and dictate your own space. Make social media work to your advantage!


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