International Women’s Day: Balance for Better

Good morning everyone, long time no hear. I hope you’ve been living your best life? As for me, I have tried to do just that.

Anyway, welcome to the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day. I have been ruminating these past few days on what I should write. I was clueless until last night.

Personally, I’m not a bandwagon type of person but I believe today is a day for reflection, reflecting on how far we’ve come as women, and celebrating our achievements.

Being a woman especially in this climate is no walk in the park. I became a feminist due to my experiences and challenges as a female which are not peculiar to me.

It’s hard being a woman, honestly. From menstruation cramps which makes one behave like a witch for a few days every month, to society seeing us as just being good for marriage and childbearing, to the pay disparity and gender inequality in the workplace, we women deserve all the accolades.

Despite the challenges we’ve faced, we have managed to rise above every storm and cause a change in our society.

But we still have a long way to go, we women need to truly support, love and encourage each other.

We need to stop seeing ourselves as rivals competing for a ‘prize’.

It’s really disheartening to me when I see women, ladies who should know better fighting themselves over a man, I believe that’s so the 90s.

You are not a property to be acquired by the highest bidder.

You are not helpless looking for a rescuer.

You are not a victim at the mercy of everyone else.

What are you?

You were created for a unique purpose.

You are more powerful beyond your imagination.

You are help.

You are a blessing.

You are capable of doing and achieving everything your mind conceives.

You are strong.

You are worthy of love. Worthy to be loved the way you deserve, so do not accept less.

Do not be limited by your weight, height, finances or whatever. You can do so much more.

Woman harness every potential within you to create your world, instead of seeking to be seen better than the other woman, seek to inspire.

Please let’s stop fighting each other, we are stronger together.

Let’s stop fighting ourselves over men, positions, or material things.

Today being International Women’s Day, it’s time to take stock, reflect, and praise ourselves where we’ve done well and do better where we’ve not lived up to par.

I celebrate you, dear Woman, you deserve it. Enjoy your day.

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