Sexuality: Is the Battle Lost?

A few weeks ago, I and my brother were having a conversation and somehow the conversation drifted to homosexuals, and he was like how on earth will a guy in his right mind be sleeping with another man? That it was disgusting.

One day he randomly asked me if I had listened to Falz new album, #moralinstruction, I was like yeah, I have. As a matter of fact, I was the one who introduced him to the album, because I believe it’s one of the best ever and has a lot of things we can learn from. That conversation ended like that.

I didn’t think too much about it until a few days ago, he asked me whether I liked Sam Smith (the musician), and I said yes, I like him but at the same time, I don’t want to his music. But I love his music, its world class.

Then he went all defensive on me and said, I was judging Sam Smith because he was gay, that why would I say I don’t want to like his music, that didn’t I hear what Falz said in his album about homosexuals?

And I asked him, the same you that said same-sex relationships are disgusting is the same you that’s saying there’s nothing wrong with it simply because Falz said something about it in his album?

Why should Falz be my moral compass? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning Falz or anyone, after all, I applauded what Falz said about Runz girls that got a lot of feminists angry.

After I said that, my brother became quiet and said nothing.

And immediately he left, something hit me; the battle has already been lost.

The battle against sin, homosexuality, and the likes is lost already. The pop culture industry has given us new morals to live by, what we should think about, what we say, even we in the church. We’ve lost.

I wrote a book about sexual purity and I know the type of things people said.

Ten years ago, it was almost a taboo to talk about homosexuality, whether you were for or against it, but right now that’s the main topic that drives a conversation.

I’m writing this article at the risk of sounding unpolitically correct, but I still choose to write it.

Because like I told my brother when he said I should separate Sam Smith’s lifestyle from his music, I told him that every artist or creative person you see, their art or work is an extension of who they are.

There’s nothing new under the sun, there’s no song that is written today that has not been written about before, there’s no movie that is done today, that has not been done before, there’s no story being told today that has not been written about before, what makes each piece of art different is the person behind the art. The unique personality & experiences of the person, who writes that story, direct that movie or sing that song.

I believe personally in this because I am of the strong opinion that creative’s should use their art as their own voice.

I have digressed but I had to say that to better drive home my point.

Despite the fact that years ago, homosexuality was a taboo, right now it’s no longer so because quietly they were driving conversations. The more you talk about something, the more acceptable it begins to get especially with the information & knowledge age that we are.

Even in church, you cannot speak against this, without hearing the words, do not judge, or we are all sinners.

Now indulge me a little, let’s get to know how the proponents of LGBT drove conversations. They infiltrated movies, music videos, TV shows, TV series, and even through FASHION.

They were subtle almost invincible but they were quietly infusing their beliefs, through one line in movies, one scene, anything that promoted homosexuality no matter how little the method of delivery.

And what did the church do, looking the other way, nonchalantly and unpurposely just watching, and now we’ve been taken unawares. While we fight a war we may not be able to win.

While they were busy taking over media stations, creating movies, writing songs and domineering the fashion industry, we stayed out of it, ‘Because anything that is outside the church is ungodly’. We did not understand what it means to take over or even have the foresight that the enemy had.

If we had Christian movies, it was mediocre, if a Christian artist did hip hop we called him unsaved, but you cannot take over a generation or an industry that you do not understand.

I have recently joined Netflix and while perusing the app, I came across Greenleaf. Long before now, I had read rave reviews of Greenleaf a series by OWN Network and normally I was excited to watch it. So that was how watching Greenleaf became my job, for almost a week I didn’t do anything meaningful, I used all my spare time to watch all the seasons and by the time I was through, I began to have the opinion that maybe homosexuality is not so bad.

The thought was on my mind when I suddenly stopped myself and I realised the show had fulfilled its purpose. Despite it being a so-called Christian series or Christian based, it still promoted homosexuality and did a very good job at hiding it.

Unfortunately, children of God do not care for what we feed into our souls. We watch anything, listen to anything; we tell ourselves our spirits are strong enough to withstand anything. No matter how sexually immoral a piece of music or a movie is, we will still watch it.

What we don’t know is that we are damaging our souls and feeding it with the wrong things just so we can stay hip. The bible says that what comes out of a man is what defiles him, unfortunately, what we say is a result of the things we have fed our spirits with.

Impure food gives birth to impure thoughts and impure thoughts give birth to impure actions and the cycle goes on and on.

Despite the fact that it may look all gloomy now, I have a little hope that there’s something we can do. No matter how late we arrive, we can still cause a change.

What can we do? We must infiltrate the media industry, the entertainment industry, a Christian singer can sing RnB, but this time around, the lyrics will not be defiling, demeaning or glorifying the flesh.

We must start to tell our own stories. We must start to set the pace about we want to see happen in our world and all this will not come on a platter of gold or in a matter of minutes, but with dedication and consistency, we can hit our goals.

What else? Christian artist, actors, and creative’s should not be involved in projects that glorify satan. This will not be easy but achieving one’s goals never came easy. There will be hungry days, but consider that as a sacrifice that will not go unrewarded. If acting a character goes against your faith, you should turn it down. The bible says what shall it profit a man who gains the whole world yet lose his soul?

We are blessed with gifts and talents to in turn use them in the market place to propagate the kingdom of Heaven. How? We must get involved in every sector: entertainment, agriculture, media, music, movies, writing, finance etc.

What other things? We need to get back to the Word. When was the last time you read and studied the scripture, prayed, or joined the company of like-minded believers? The word of God is still our surest weapon in this battle.

We can’t keep folding our arms while our kingdom is being trampled upon.

Guys, we can do this.

I want to hear your opinions, has the battle for our souls been lost? If yes, why do you think that? And if no, what can the church do? Also, I would love to know your thoughts about this topic/article.

Thank you for reading, Love & Light.

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