What I Learnt from my Book Launch

Hello everyone, how has 2019 been for you so far? This post has been a long time coming and I’m happy I’m finally done with it. As some of you may know, I launched my first book Virginity under Attack on the 17th of November, 2018. I learnt a lot from the before, during and after publishing the book and planning the launch event.

I decided to share my lessons because I know you all will learn a lot and also get to see the behind the scenes of what was the most memorable day of my life so far.

Please note it is a long read but it is worth reading so please follow through

1.You may be waiting on God but God is waiting for you.

I started writing my book in 2016 and I finished less than a year later. But guess what, I kept the manuscript waiting on manna from heaven (money) so I can publish the book. I kept that book for two (2) good years. Until I took a step, Heaven just kept looking at me. And do you know what, I kept praying & believing God that He will send the money to publish the book while I sat and folded my arms.

Two years later in the year 2018, while speaking with a fellow Author Ese, I asked her how she was able to publish hers. And there and then I told myself if she can do it, then I can do it too. So I borrowed money from my office cooperative called my friend who owns a publishing company and began the process of publishing my book.

I believe that this point must be taken very seriously. So many Christians are sitting down and waiting for money or help to fund their dreams & visions. It doesn’t work that way. Heaven must see that you’re serious and until you take a step, you will keep limiting yourself, end up doing nothing and you will be nothing.

2. You need to surround yourself with the Right People.

At first, I didn’t want to do a book launch, but my sister said: “never, you must do a launch, especially with the fact that you will be celebrating your 30th birthday”. The next thing was where would be the venue for the launch? Now I live in Gwagwalada, a suburb of Abuja and it’s like an hour from the City Centre. I wanted to do the launch in Gwagwalada but my sister said no, it must be held in Town; the City Centre. I asked her where the money for the venue would come from. And she simply said God will provide.

The truth is if she had not insisted and said that Word of Faith, I would have done it in Gwagwalada and I would have regretted it at the end.

Honestly, I didn’t know where the money for the launch would come from, but the Lord told me He will provide and when my sister confirmed it, I held onto that word. And that’s exactly what He did.

3. In line with the point above, is the fact that you need to surround yourself with people who believe in you.

In fact, if you are pursuing anything worthwhile, you must have people that truly believe in you and in your vision or else, you will be heading for a disaster.

This is something that is very important, the people you submit your vision to must believe in you. The person I wanted to do my book review was someone I looked up to as a mentor, but she declined, so I had to prayerfully look for another one. At the point when I had given up, the Lord directed me to someone else who I wasn’t even close to. I thought she was going to refuse, but surprisingly she agreed despite the fact that she and her husband already had an earlier engagement for that day.

The funny thing was that I met her just a month before the launch (without even carrying the book) and she graciously agreed. I had to send a PDF copy to her mail which she had to use.

And guys, she did a fantastic and a marvellous job. She took the job to heart, it was beautiful.

She did an even better job than the person I wanted earlier.

If you meet someone who believes in your vision, they will take it as theirs and work for it to succeed.

Don’t force your vision on someone who isn’t willing, is reluctant, doubt you or doesn’t believe in you.

Anyone who I asked to do something for me for the launch and they refused or were reluctant, I immediately looked for a replacement. For example, I had asked some of my friends to help me with ushering for the event and some declined or answered unsure and I immediately told them to forget about it.

Do you guys know that a friend of mine who I didn’t even expect, told me he would help me get ushers for the event, any number I wanted for free? And amazingly he did, it was incredible.

Most importantly, don’t be disappointed or angry when a friend or someone you really counted on, declines to help you. That’s life, and sometimes it happens so you know that it’s only God that never disappoints and that you shouldn’t put your trust in man.

4. What God has said He will do, no matter what the circumstances suggest, He will do as He says.

The collateral for the loan I took was my salary, so practically from the month of June till the end of December, I didn’t have a salary. I took a huge risk because one would think what if the book doesn’t sell? How would I get my money back?

But the Lord kept telling me He will provide every money I needed for the launch, and guess what guys, He did.

At every junction where I would almost be stranded, He will provide money. Throughout the six months, I was without salary, He always provided money for me, if you weren’t told; you wouldn’t know I didn’t have money.

5. Funding your dreams will cost you.

Due to the fact that I was short on cash, I had to cut down on a lot of expenses. From June till after the book launch, I didn’t make my hair, I didn’t subscribe to DSTV, I didn’t buy any new clothes or shoe or anything for myself. Even perfume I didn’t buy for myself. Every little penny I got I made sure I spent it wisely.

If you have something you are chasing, a dream, a vision you are working hard to make a reality, it will cost you. Nothing great comes easy and you must be ready to pay the price.

6. Get ready for the attacks of the Enemy.

The day I finished the book, I stored it in a flash drive. When I got home I started looking for the flash, I just felt it was in the office, so I didn’t bother to worry. When I got to the office the next day, I searched everywhere for the flash all to no avail, only for the cleaner to tell me she saw it and thought it was dirt, so she swept it away. I couldn’t believe my ears. We both went to the main dustbin miles away from the office to search through a huge pile of dirt for the flash. Ladies & gentlemen long story short that was how I lost the first manuscript.

Exactly a month to the launch date, my laptop which had my latest manuscript slipped from my chair, and like a joke that’s how the hard disk of the system crashed and I lost everything. Honestly, I cried my eyes out, I was like why all this?

I was able to get past that, but few days to the launch date, the books had still not arrived. I called my publisher and he said, “something happened”, I asked him what, but he refused to say.

However, he told my mum what happened. Apparently, in the process of printing the book, the machine jammed, so they had to start printing all over again and this was just less than a week to the launch. As usual, I cried again, but this time around, I was convinced that the devil had struck again because he didn’t want the book published or wanted me to be disgraced.

And so I prayed seriously against any forms of attacks and that the plan of the evil one will be frustrated.

Guys, two days to the launch, my books were delivered to me on my birthday. Needless to say, that was my best birthday gift ever.

7. I can’t say this enough, but you have to trust God.

There’s no other way, you just have to trust Him. Handover everything to Him and watch Him do it. Of course, you must play your part, but do not worry, do not fret, just Trust God.

Throughout this process, I was afraid. Afraid I wouldn’t get the books before the launch, afraid no one would show up for the launch, and sometimes just fear, but I knew I needed and had to trust God. At every junction the Lord will say, do not be afraid, trust me.

I always tell my friends, before you embark on any project, make sure you have a Word from the Lord. Because the journey is and will be tough, the only thing that would keep you sane is the word of God. Anytime doubt wants to set in, once you remember what the Lord has told you, it gives you peace.

8. If God has called you to do something, He will always provide the resources for it, you should never forget this. I remember throughout the run-up to the launch, anytime I needed money, I would say “Lord this is your project, there’s a need for money”. I knew this book was of God, it was His idea, I knew He wouldn’t let me see shame or disgrace, so I was rest assured that He would provide the money and He did.

9. You need crazy faith, crazy crazy faith to succeed. So many things will want to take your faith and your hope away, but you need to stay strong. A lot of people thought I was crazy to even write on a topic like that, crazy to publish and have a launch with no money, crazy to take a loan because what if the book does not sell? Crazy to have the launch an hour from where I stay, in a venue and in a town that’s expensive, but I knew what I wanted, I knew what God had told me.

No one would believe in your project like you, no one may understand your vision like you, so you need to believe in yourself, your vision and in the God you have.

In summary guys, my launch was a huge success; one person’s donation covered all the money I had spent and more. People loved the book and I am grateful for the impact it has made.

I am forever grateful to God that He choose me to do this, grateful that He provided for me, grateful for the friends and family that supported me, grateful for the vision of the book. I am grateful I was able to do this. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I learnt a lot and now I know what it means to plan for a successful event.

My hope is that you who are reading this today do great things and that you pursue your dreams no matter the odds.

Thank you for reading. Comments are welcomed. Please kindly share so others can learn too.

Rooting for you always, God bless you.

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