My 2018 in Summary

The year 2018

Where do I start from? This was a year I was indifferent about. December 31st, 2017 I didn’t share the excitement of entering a new year. 2017 had just gone like blah. Nothing extraordinary happened, nothing changed. It had just come and gone.

And so it was natural I wasn’t excited about the coming year. Before the year even started I hated 2018. It didn’t look like the year. I remember I had prayed so hard for some things to happen before 2017 ended, but nothing happened. And I was disappointed.

2018 looked like it was going to be a normal year that would just come and go.

But during the 12 days of glory that my church COZA organized, I remember my pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo saying there was someone here who wasn’t excited about the New Year, but that God will give you the wisdom to succeed this year. And God did just that.

2018 was the year God changed my life.

2018 was the year I became an Author.

2018 was the year I learnt my biggest life lessons. I’ve learnt to trust God in ALL things. If he has said a thing, he will definitely bring it to pass.

2018 was the year God humbled me, it was the year I saw indeed that the Hand of the Lord is upon my life. He wowed me; He showed up and showed out.

2018 was the year I saw the futility of the trust and the Help of man.

2018 indeed was the Year of the New for me. It was my year.

Now I’m looking forward to 2019, I can’t wait for what the future holds. I’m looking forward to a year that Heaven will hold my hands every step of the way.

My heart is full. Full of gratitude to God, to family, friends and people who truly showed me love, who put their money and their heart where their mouth has been.

I am grateful to everyone who turned their backs on me and said no because if you didn’t I wouldn’t have learnt a lesson or two. And I’m grateful to you, my blog readers, thank you.

This year may not have ended the way you wanted or the way you expected, but look at the bright side, you’re still breathing. Life is evidence that there are better days ahead. Don’t miss it. Don’t give up. Keep on praying and keep on pushing. Your time is almost here.

This is my 2018 in summary. This is my 2018 testimony. What is your testimony? What are you grateful for?

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