So guys today I went to see Godcallingmovie and it was highly inspirational. I know it’s bring a while I review reviewed a movie, but I just have to talk about this. I really loved the film.

‘God Calling’ is a story of redemption that looks at the life of Sade, her family, and her faith through the lens of an unconventional encounter with God in this modern age.

After Sade, the protagonist suffers a personal tragedy, she goes on a journey of self-discovery and faith as she battles with the conflicting pressures of family, culture, and social expectations.

The movie shines a spotlight on modern-day spirituality by imaginatively exploring what it might look like for Abraham or Prophet Elijah to be Nigerian in 2018, and have to contend with disbelief as well as current realities such as smartphones, and social media.

I literally cried almost all through the movie. Like real cry, that tears were rolling down my face. This movie really got me.

I’ll be sharing the lessons I learned from this movie.

1. God is calling each & every one of us. And you don’t have to be a Pastor to answer Gods call, No! We’re to be ambassadors of Christ in the marketplace. What do I mean by the marketplace, its the sector where you occupy, where you work, that’s your ministry.

2. No one has a perfect life. Envy nobody. As long as you’re on the path that Heaven has earmarked for you, you’re fine.

3. God will take away that thing you love the most, that thing that has taken his place in your life to get your attention. He’s calling you, better answer now. Abi you’re busy?

4. If you’re not fulfilling the purpose of your creation, you’ll never be fulfilled, satisfied or happy. You may try to use drugs, spouses, your kids, an addiction to mask your emptiness, but it’ll not work. Until you fulfill the purpose of your creation, happiness will be far from you.

I’m really impressed by this film honestly, a Christian movie done excellently the way godcallingmovie was done. The drone shots were out of this world. The actors brought their A game, worthy of note is the lead character who was played by Zainab Balogun she brought her character to life, in fact, she was an embodiment of her role.

If you’re one who is serious about your spiritual life, you’ll see this movie. It leaves you with a consciousness of God. You’re left asking yourself whether you’re truly living your call. A friend who also saw the film told me he had to rededicate his life to Christ after the movie.

Before I end this, I remember when I was still at the cinema, I tried convincing a couple to see the movie, but the husband told me a serious Christian movie will not use secular actors.

But I think that ‘s where we get it wrong. As children of God, our gifts & talents are given to us so we can use it to be a blessing and propagate the kingdom of God. So whether secular or not, the question should be is God glorified through my craft? That’s the real question.

So people of God, if you’ve seen this movie, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. And if you haven’t, please come back here and let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading. You’re blessed.

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