The only thing stopping you is YOU

No one would love your project or be passionate about your idea like you.

When I was preparing for my book launch, I heard all sorts of things, why did you take it to town, who will go to Abuja town from Gwagwalada (a suburb in Abuja), where’s the money for the launch, etc this is just a few (I’ll be writing what I learned from the experience very soon).

But in it all, I stood my ground because I knew exactly what wanted. And by God’s grace, I got even more than what I expected.

There will always be naysayers & people who would discourage you from reaching your goal, (that’s normal) but as long as your heart is in it, pursue it with every fibre of your being.

You’re your own limitation.

Take responsibility for your life. No one owes you anything. Whatever you amount to, is as a result of the choices you made or didn’t make.

Don’t let anyone discourage you from your goal. Pursue your passion with the whole of your heart; everything else will fall into place.

I always anyone who cares to listen to follow their heart, it can never lie to you. As long as your heart is right, you’ll get amazing results.

Have a beautiful day. Good morning.

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