Saturday Rants: An Opinion Piece

All of you that use to carry Prophet on your head like they’re God, I hope you guys have seen now? Prophets are human beings like us, just the way we make mistakes and are fallible is the same way they’re too.

A lot of people respect prophets even more than God. Sometimes we let these men take the place of God in our lives.

Some people will not travel until a prophet has approved the journey; some people will not marry who their hearts want until a prophet has approved the person. Until they hear, “God said he/she is the one” they won’t go ahead.

One of my best friends told me that before he got married, a prophet told him not to marry his wife, but guess what, on the day of the wedding; the said prophet was there live & direct and was even struggling with a plate of rice & chicken, lol.

I know a well-educated man, a medical school graduate who parked his car at home and was using a bike, from school runs to personal transport he abandoned his car at home and uses a bike for transportation because his prophet told him, if he uses his car he will have an accident and die.

Did I add that every month he sends his salary to the prophet and goes around to beg & borrow so his family can feed? And he can’t think that if this prophet truly loved Him, he will be concerned about the welfare of his family. If not how will a prophet demand your salary EVERY month, when the said prophet knows you have no other means of survival?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t seek advice from people, no. But you should understand that a prophet is to confirm what God has ALREADY told you.

The same way a prophet hears and said “God said”, is the same way you too can sit down and hear God for yourself. But no, we have become too spiritually lazy, that we have left the task of our own spiritual welfare & responsibility to others.

How many Christians have a fellowship with God? How many of us still take the time to pray and seek the face of God? Do you know you too can hear God for yourself?

A lot of us do not cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit until we want to marry, so we take ourselves to another man to consult God for you to know whether you’re doing the right thing.

The bible says, in 1 John 4:1, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world”.

Before you believe anyone, check whether what you’re being told is in line with God’s word. That’s how one lady & her family were told by her prophet that before she gets married, she must get pregnant first.

Please which bible is that prophet reading? Cos the bible I read says, Flee sexual immorality. Do you know that a wedding date wasn’t fixed until she was pregnant? In fact, after several months of not yet taking in, she had to be reporting to her fiancé’s house every day after work for sex.

Until she got pregnant, there was no wedding. You’ll think that a Christian should be able to decipher that this one is a false prophet, but no both she & her family did what the prophet said. Despite the fact that, theirs is a family one will say, it’s a good Christian home”.

You’ll see someone living in sin, yet they’re looking for prophets to hear from God. In fact, that is why they’re looking for a prophet because God cannot be mocked. You cannot neglect him for nearly all your life, and because you want to marry (for instance) start looking for God.

We have to be very careful those we give assess to our lives. Don’t follow anyone to the river to have your head washed; your destiny may have just being washed away.

Some people consult prophets cos they have an issue they’re dealing with, but unfortunately, end up with far bigger problems than there was in the beginning.

Discover God for yourself; don’t be bamboozled by confused men. God is real and He speaks; ALWAYS. And He wants to have a Relationship with you.

I have written extensively on this topic before, so please check out this post How Long Will You Be Spoon-Fed, where I also wrote How to hear from God with guidance from Kenneth Hagin’s book, “How to be Led by the Spirit of God”.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend everyone.

With Love, Adejoke.

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