This is the continuation of the first part which you can read here.

Saturday, 9th June 2018

The wedding was a 3 in 1 event to take place at Ipaja and I and my people were coming from ogba, so we had to leave very early so we wouldn’t miss any of the ceremonies.

That was the plan oh, but trust us women, we were supposed to leave at least 7:00 am but we ended up leaving at 8:00 am.

We eventually set out, but when we got to Ipaja we lost our way and that was how the search for the event venue began. We were directed here & there, to & fro, no headway. We stopped by a lady to ask her for directions, but she didn’t even bother to stop, look in our direction or even answer.

I guess she’s just being cautious. It is a known fact that Lagosians have been known to get into trouble simply by giving someone directions.

Anyway, we eventually had to call my cousin and that’s how we were able to locate the venue.

Now immediately we got to the wedding venue, makeup artists rushed us asking if we wanted makeup done or our gele (Nigerian headgear) to be tied.

Me I was already fully ready with my Gele already tied and my makeup done. I’m not a makeup girl, so with powder and lip-gloss, I’m good to go. My cousin tied my gele and even though it was different from what I am used to, it was still beautiful.

Their services are so cheap (if I may say myself), N5oo for gele is fair enough.

But there’s something I noticed though, matured beggars. Women in different shapes and sizes thronged us begging for money, I’m sorry but it was honestly disgusting.

I personally paid them no mind. My cousin gave one fifty naira (N50) and the lady she gave it too returned it asking her what will she use fifty naira for? My cousin was so angry, but me I laughed my heart out.

How can an agile woman be begging for money, telling us the money is for our younger ones, by that she means her kids. It was honestly disgusting. The fact that one looks like a million bucks, doesn’t mean there’s money in the pocket. All na packaging, loooool.

But Lagosians, is begging like that a common phenomenon? Cos I noticed the previous day, I came across a well-dressed man by the side of the road begging.

Anyway, the wedding was fun, with lots to eat and drink. And of course, different slay queens and slay mamas who didn’t come to play.

Honestly, Lagos weddings are the best. Abuja still dey learn work. Hahahahaha.

Anyway, that’s how my Saturday in Lagos went.

Day 3: Sunday, 10th June, 2018

Day 3 being Sunday, I decided to attend my church, Daystar. When I was living in Lagos, Daystar was my church and Daystar will still be my church when I return. Hehehehe

I bundled my cousins and off we went to Church attending the second service. We ordered Uber whose driver I felt was silently rude, well maybe I felt that way because he was quiet throughout the journey. I like a driver that engages in a conversation. Anyway the ride was cheap.

Immediately I got to church, it felt like I was home. It truly felt like home. I really miss church.

By the time we got to church, praise & worship was well underway, in fact we missed a better portion of it.

Anyway, that Sunday a play was to be staged, but I had no idea that would be the whole service, but it was great.

Daystar is truly moving with the times maybe that’s why some churches are beefing them. The whole message was the stage play, I was so surprised. The play was uplifting, inspiring and life-changing.

In Abuja I attend COZA which I feel is a church that understands the time and moves with it, but where Daystar is, COZA is still learning. Loool.

Permit me to say this, some churches complain that young people are leaving in droves, and as they make this complaint, they beef the churches these young ones are moving to. Why not meet the church and seek for wisdom, instead of silently beefing them? Me I don’t get it honestly.

Anyway, back to my gist, after service and snapping my life away, we went home and thus began my painful preparation back to Abuja.

I ordered a Taxify (my first time) to take me to the Airport but met slight traffic on the way. The driver kept telling me I was lucky it was the weekend, that if it was a weekday, I would have missed my flight. Lagos people, you people are trying oh.

The flight was delayed by at least 30 minutes, but we boarded and then began another adventure.

Right in front of me, was a couple (if I may say so) a white woman and a black man. They were whispering to each other almost throughout the flight and they were kissing with reckless abandon. They didn’t seem to care that other people could see them or hear the sound of their wet kiss (gross) thinking about it now, sef I’m still disgusted. Chai

When we finally alighted from the flight, the man kept looking at me, maybe because I kept looking at them with shock during the flight.

Anyway, my sweet gorgeous mother was waiting for me at the airport to pick me. Thank you Mum.

Thank you for reading all about my adventure. Lagos is a city I love; honestly. And I can’t wait to be back.

If you have any thoughts, kindly share. God bless you.

PS: forgive me for being absent on the blog, I blame it on work and the preparations I have been making for my book launch later in the year. Yes you read right, I will be launching my first book this year by God’s grace. I can’t wait. More details will come later.

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