Living my Truth: One Step at a Time

live your truth

A few years ago, there was this guy I really liked, like reallllyyyyyyy liked. We were always chatting, it made me happy. I thought to myself, finally and at last, something will happen between me and this boy.

Gosh, I liked Peter. I was crazy in love or will I say, I was infatuated with him. Anyway, during one of our numerous chats, getting to know each other, I told him I am a Virgin. Dude was shocked. He couldn’t believe it. In fact I made it worse by saying, I had never kissed a guy.

I asked him if he was, he said he wasn’t, but it didn’t bother me one bit.

But then there was an issue.

Oga said he couldn’t be with me saying I was too good. Like, what does that even mean? He said he had done some pretty dirty things that he wasn’t proud of. I was like as long as you’re no longer that person, I don’t see why that should be an issue.

But he was adamant, that I was too good, so he couldn’t be with me. I was crushed, in fact I was devastated. I wondered maybe if I’m not a virgin, just maybe.

In fact I began to wish I wasn’t who I was.

That was a few years ago.

Present day:

I was chatting with a male friend, who was probably interviewing me for the position of a wife, hahahahahaha. I was telling him about myself and was very confident about it. Then he said I was too strong.

Adejoke has suffered. Honestly.

I read somewhere that the fact that you shared your truth to someone does not mean they are obligated to be with you. But that also shouldn’t stop you from sharing your truth because you are afraid that the one you love may not end up with you.

The one who said I was too strong, was unfortunately someone I was already beginning to like. I tried explaining how I got to the point where someone would say I was strong, but as usual it felt like I was explaining and defending myself.

And then I just had to stop, because I have gotten to the point where I am proud of who I used to be, proud of who I am today and proud of the woman I am becoming.

My mistakes, my errors, my strengths, my highs and my lows have all gotten me to the point where I am today and I don’t apologise for it. Not anymore!

I am unapologetically me and if you can’t recognise awesomeness in front of you, please take to stepping and keep it moving.

I never used to be confident, I used to walk with my head hung low, I hated myself and felt other people were better than me, so if today I have gotten to the point where I now Love me, if I have gotten to the point where I am now confident of who I am, then sorry I am not apologising for it.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Be proud of who you are. Whatever you think can potentially affect the decision of a significant other, don’t hide it. Let no one say, you deceived them. Don’t hide any material information about you. There’s someone who will love every bit of you. Just make sure that before God, you are on the right part.

Thank you for reading.


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