Whatever He tells you to do, do it!



The year was 2009; I was a corper serving in Benin City Edo state Nigeria. That fateful morning I was on my way to work, but I was broke. The only money I had on me was what would take me to work, no money to bring me back or money for lunch. 

So I thought let me borrow One Thousand Naira from my friend.

But I heard the Lord very clearly, don’t borrow, just trust me.

But as a woman of no faith, I didn’t heed & went ahead to ask my friend for the 1k.

During lunch break, I went to a restaurant to eat & whilst there, I noticed a guy staring at me almost throughout.

I didn’t know him from anywhere & I wondered why he was staring. Naturally, I felt he would talk to me, but when he was done eating, he left without saying a word. I thought it weird.

Anyway, when I was done with my meal, I proceeded to pay but the waitress told me the man had paid for my meal before he left.

I was shocked. (Funny enough I have never seen that guy again).

I went back to the office, & that day I was paid my salary in fact, a colleague gave me a free ride home.

It was then I was reminded of what God had told me earlier. I returned the 1k I borrowed without spending a dime out of it. The same way I was given, was the same way I returned it.

I should have trusted God when he told me to trust him, but my little mind couldn’t fathom how he was going to do it. (The natural mind cannot discern the things of the spirit).

I was reminded of this story this morning in church. The topic of today’s message was Radical faith.

I don’t know what you’re going through, but seek God’s face for His word & hold on to it. The mistake we keep making is letting out circumstances rule us; we should focus instead on the Word of God.

Without Faith you cannot please God. Faith is the medium of exchange in the Kingdom of God.

You’ll never amount to what God has destined for you, if you do not believe.

Do not believe your past. Do not believe your circumstances, believe God. Believe what God has said about you.

Unbelief is not your friend. WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU TO DO, DO IT!

Choose to believe, starve your fear & feed your faith.

I am rooting for you. Always!


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