Fight for what you want

This past weekend, my church, the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly Abuja had a conference with Bishop TD Jakes. On Saturday, the crowd was crazy, but I did not expect that there would be a repeat of that crowd on Sunday. Never the less, I still made a mental note that I would be there very early.

But somehow, every means of transportation I took that Sunday had a degree in time wasting and I eventually got to church at 9 am which is when service starts. Now this doesn’t sound like I’m late but with COZA, you’re late and it becomes difficult to get a seat inside the auditorium.

Despite this, I was still expectant that I would still get a seat in the auditorium, but I was told that the auditorium was full and was directed to a tent which was also almost full. Everywhere was full including the overflows.

I told the security lady who directed me to the tent that I wasn’t going to sit there, she looked at me like I was crazy and she told me, “do you want to stand? There are no seats oh”.

I paid her no mind and marched to the auditorium, but the door to the auditorium was shut and there were a lot of people at the door pushing, all wanting to get in.

One could easily have been discouraged and looked for somewhere outside to sit, but I refused cos I knew sitting outside or in the overflow tent was non-negotiable.

For starters, the place was hot, I would be distracted and I wasn’t going to concentrate. I was too expectant to allow anything distract me.

I joined the crowd outside the auditorium door wanting to get in. It was a struggle, lol.

I began to pray, “Father make a way for your daughter”, I continued confessing I must sit inside. But you know confession without action amounts to nothing.

After about 20minutes or more of standing and wondering whether I would get in or spend the entire service outside, we were later told to line up.

That was how we on the line were ushered in; I was so happy.

Then it hit me, until you fight for what you want, you are not going to get it.

I could easily have accepted my fate when I arrived and marched to the tent or turned back like some did, I could easily have been discouraged, but I didn’t cos I had a goal.

Why should I accept less than what I want? Why should I accept what life or circumstances throw in my direction if it isn’t what I want?

On this life’s journey, you will be faced with many options and you may be thought of as crazy if you refuse to conform but if it isn’t what you want, don’t accept it.

Whatever you accept stays.

Whatever you permit is what will happen to you.

If you want something, believe you will get it and fight for it.

Break the cycle of low expectations. You are more than that!


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