When you’re happy, Pray

When you’re sad, Pray

When things are good, Pray

When you’re disappointed, Pray

Prayer is your life wire. You’re only as good as your prayer life. Don’t live your life casually, live it intentionally.

Don’t be religious about prayer, that it becomes a routine. Don’t take prayer as something you just have to do, but something you must do.

Prayer is communication with your father, so whenever you get on your knees to pray, do not leave until you have gotten a word from the Lord. It is on the basis of that word, that you war in prayer. It is on the basis of that word, you stand in faith.

Every time you come before the Lord, He wants to speak with you.

He is always speaking, it’s just that we are not listening.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave the presence of God that you jump out the same way you came.

Prayer changes us. It makes us more like him and less of us especially when we pray with the scriptures; the Word of God.

If you pray without the Word, your prayer will just be like empty smokes; no effect.

As you pray the Word into your life, you begin to change from inside out.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I set out without praying, the things I say and do are sometimes not in line with the spirit of God. I usually feel like something is missing; and of course there’s something really missing.

The world is dangerous and if you who call yourself a child of God is not armed spiritually, you will lose the battles of life. In fact we have come to the point where it’s either you serve God or the devil, there cannot be an in between. And the one you serve, you must serve well.

Whenever you want to pray, remove distractions. If it’s your phone, put it off and concentrate.

If there’s one thing the devil wants to take away from you, it’s your prayer and your study life.

Don’t let him.

When you pray, you gain power. Don’t forget, Prayer is your life wire.

May this week be a week of blessings for you and yours.

Thank you for reading. Please, if you have any thoughts about this, kindly share in the comment section.

Love and peace,


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