Ladies get in here! Let’s Talk Verbal Abuse

woman shouting

Ladies get in here, there’s something we need to talk about; Verbal abuse.

If you know me well or follow the blog closely, you would know that I’m passionate about ending domestic violence.

I have written a lot of articles on domestic violence, in fact I addressed it in my first story published on the blog.

But I have come to believe that I & many other women who talk about domestic violence has been one sided.

In as much as we address domestic violence, we also need to talk about verbal abuse.

What is Verbal abuse? Verbal abuse (verbal attack or verbal assault) is when a person forcefully criticizes, insults, or denounces someone else. Characterized by underlying anger and hostility, it is a destructive form of communication intended to harm the self-concept of the other person and produce negative emotions.

We women most especially have been “blessed” with mouth disease. Most of us are not disciplined with the words of our mouth.

We even take pride in the fact that we can insult someone & the person will think for days.

In as much as no man has the right to hit you, please don’t provoke a man till he lays his hands on you. Some men do not have the patience to tolerate some of the things we say.

One funny thing is that some women will not just stop talking until the man has taken action. So they will keep pressing buttons so the guy can react.

Please we are queens, let’s behave like one. Get a padlock for your mouth, if you’re tempted to talk.

The words of our mouth should edify, not bring down or make people think small of themselves.

We have called out men who are abusers, so it’s not out of place if we call out women too.

If we can be truthful to ourselves, we would agree that sometimes we talk too much. And we don’t think of the effects our words have on the person we are talking to.

As I am writing this, I am also talking to myself.

No form of abuse is better than the other. Domestic, Emotional, Physical, Verbal, none is good.

Please if you’re guilty, kindly stop it.

Dear brothers, if you can’t take it, please walk out. Walk away before your fuse cut.

Protect yourself! Protect your brothers!

Thank you for reading. ❤❤❤

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