If you get an unknown debit alert would you spend the money?

debit alert 2

Two weeks ago I mistakenly sent money to a wrong account from my office. How it happened honestly beats my imagination. Cos without blowing my own trumpet, I always cross check my work.  

Funny thing was, I didn’t notice until a week later when the real owner of the money came to complain that he hasn’t been paid yet.

I insisted that I had sent the money, until I checked the account number and just one number differentiated the two. I was devastated.

I raced to the bank, only for me to be told that the person whose account I mistakenly paid that money into had withdrawn it. I couldn’t believe it.

Why would someone withdraw money that isn’t meant for him/her? Especially when the narration clearly shows that this money is not meant to be in your account.

I started crying, cos I knew the implication and this money was huge. The bank manager assured me, everything would be alright and the money would be recovered. So the bank placed a hold on the person’s account and gave the idiot a call.

The man was so defensive, saying he thought the money was for him. If you’re in doubt about whether money paid into your account is yours or not, won’t you go to your bank and find out? If you’re not a thief yourself, won’t you be doubly sure it’s yours before spending it especially when you call yourself a Christian? I honestly was so disappointed.

The man was saying all sorts, the bank manager assured me, that the money would be recovered.

To cut the long story short, the man seeing his account had been blocked, paid the money back a week later and that’s how we were able to recover that money.

I wanted to write about this since the incident occurred, but I said let me wait till the whole thing has been rectified.

Like I always say, we can’t have good leaders in Nigeria, until we ourselves are good people. Until we; collectively, together are people of integrity, we can’t have leaders with integrity. So we should stop complaining about the type of leaders we have, cos we too are not good people.

If someone, a public servant can withdraw and spend money not meant for him/her simply because it mistakenly fell on you, what would such individual do when he/she gets in a position of public trust?

I am not justifying my mistake, I take full responsibility. But as a human being, I am prone to mistakes, the issue will now be if it’s reoccurring.

Why is it so damn difficult to do the right thing? Is it poverty, is it lack? Sometimes I like to think maybe that’s the reason but no, it is not often the case.

I remember one time in church; someone gave a testimony that she got a miracle alert. She didn’t even bother to check with her bank where the money is coming back; instead she withdrew it and came to give testimony in church.

The truth is, for every time you spend money that was mistakenly paid into your account, you have successfully put someone in trouble, either at the risk of losing their job or the risk of losing their salary.

Please let not hunger, greed and selfishness make you wicked to our fellow man. Money doesn’t fall from the sky, if money enters your account, there is a reason, its either yours or not. If you’re in doubt, check with your bank first.

Please and please we are the light of the world. We should live as examples that others should follow.

Thank you for reading. Go make a difference today.

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