In this world of bitterness & hate, Be different!

I have come to the unfortunate discovery that the society we live in, have an abundance of bitter people. Or like in popular culture; haters. Look around you, on social media; in comment sections, irrespective of how good an information is, how beautiful a story is there will always be people who will find something negative to say about it.

I honestly don’t get it. Is it that times are so hard that people become bitter?

There are many times I would be browsing on Instagram, I would see a post but I will deliberately not read comments because I know it will be full of hate and my mind would be poisoned. The bible says to rejoice with those who rejoice, be genuinely happy for others. Keep your hate and bitterness to yourself.

Don’t wish for others what you wouldn’t want for yourself. Be good-natured, choose to see the good in everything. Don’t give out bitterness into the world cos that’s exactly what you’ll get in return. If you have nothing good to say please keep your mouth shut. Don’t poison others with your envy and bitterness.

Be careful who you share your goals/dreams with. If you tell it to a bitter person, that dream will be killed.

Dolapo Osinbajo wife of Nigeria’s Vice President baked her daughter’s wedding cake and people were saying she did that because she’s stingy; I was so pissed. Someone took time out of her busy schedule to bake her daughter’s cake, instead to recognize the sacrifice behind the act, she was criticized.

The above example is one out of very many, but when I read that, I just told myself enough is enough, I have to write about this.

I have realized that in order to survive in this crazy world of ours, do not let the words of bitter people get to you. They will never see anything good in what you do or say. In fact, they will still complain that your blood is too red!

I will say to you, just Live.

In this new week, be the Light. Be different!

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