May God Punish Poverty

Poverty is a bastard.

May God punish poverty in your life.

I pray for you that you will not be poor.

May the works of your hands bring forth fruits.

May you be prosperous.

May you not labour in vain.

May you be a lender, not a borrower; be a giver, not a taker.

May you never have any cause to beg for money on social media.

Yesterday while browsing Instagram, I came across a celeb’s page whose giving out N5, 000 (five thousand naira) as a giveaway. But the conditions to receive that money is just out of this world.

But then it occurred to me that people will participate, you know why? Because they do not have.

That thought broke me, and for a long time, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking how N5, 000 has become a luxury.

Part of my passion is to help people; help in any way I can, God sees my heart. I pray every day that He blesses me with resources so I can uplift others. But until then…

The bitter truth is that there’s hunger in the land, and people will do anything to make/have money. Poverty will diminish you and make you insignificant; make you small. You see someone that ordinarily will never beg, but because of the condition that they are in, they beg.

I hate poverty; that’s a given, and whatever you do, make sure that you are not poor. But in that determination not to be poor, please do not do anything illegal just to come out of it.  No matter how low you get in life, do not resort to any illegal means because you want money.

I pray for you that you will never get to the point where you have to do something bad just to get it.

Work hard, trust God, don’t give up, your hustle will pay off. Just be patient.

The truth is no matter how dark the night is, morning will definitely come. In fact, just before dawn is the darkest part of the night.

Hold on; I am rooting for you.



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