Are you a Leech or a Blessing?


I once had a dog named Chelsea. Chelsea was a very lovely dog, very friendly, very active, very welcoming and related with us like a member of the family. Whenever any of us (family member) got back home, Chelsea would run and jump into your hands to welcome you. Chelsea was like that, welcoming to family members but brutal to strangers. If you were a stranger, you couldn’t get past the gate except a member of the family comes to get you.

Now my present dog Spiky is a complete opposite of Chelsea. Spiky is an annoying foodie. Spiky loves anything food, when you come back home, instead of Spiky to come welcome you because she’s happy you are back, Spiky would welcome you because according to her, there may be something to eat in your bag.

Spiky will harass and bully for whatever it is you are holding. Spiky would bark and cry until you’ve given her whatever it is you are eating (even after she has had her meal).

These past few days, this attitude of Spiky got me thinking. This is how some of us behave with God. We only love him or talk to Him because we need something.

We only pray whenever we are in danger. We serve God with the mentality that He’s meant for us. Whenever we come before God, it is always give me this, give me that.

The same way I am already irritated with Spiky is the same way Heaven will be irritated with some of us.

God wasn’t made for us, we were made for Him, made to give Him pleasure. He is a provider, yes, no doubt, but when the relationship starts becoming one-sided there’s a need to check it.

Our relationship with God should be borne out of love, purpose and fellowship. If you are not bringing anything to the table, why should He still keep on giving you?

If it were a relationship with a fellow human being where all we do is to take, we would be called a leech.

Don’t be a taker all the time. Seek to be a blessing to others. Ask God how you can reach out to others, how you can be a source of joy to Him.

One thing I have realized is that we are not blessed for ourselves alone, but we are blessed to bless others. If you are not fulfilling the purpose of your creation, why should you still be given things?

One of the primary reasons why God made us is for fellowship, for communication, for a relationship. We can’t have a fulfilling relationship with God if all we do is to collect. And if we continue collecting without giving, Heaven will soon despise you. I know you wouldn’t want that!

As you step out, instead of praying Father give me this or that, pray that you will a blessing that day, that your path will cross with someone who Heaven wants you to touch. Let’s not be selfish people.

Love God for who He is, not what you can get for him. Godliness is not a means to financial gain. 1 Timothy 6:5b

Thank you for reading. I wish you all a productive week. God bless you.


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