Made a Mistake? Don’t fret. It’s all for your good


As a creative person and someone who does handwork, there have been times I was making something or designing a cake and I made mistakes, but because I am the one making it, I turn that mistake into a style. And if you aren’t told, you wouldn’t know it was a mistake.

I want to believe that even with tailoring, many of the exceptional designs we see today that we love were once mistakes.

That’s how it is with God. He is our creator, He made us and He knows what to do with us.

You may have made a mistake and you think you are finished, you know what? Hand it over to God.

Trust Him.

The God we serve, the one I know, abounds in mercy. He specializes in turning mistakes into testimonies.

You may take a turn not meant for you, but in that wrong turn, you will collide with destiny.

Like I have shared on this blog before, I sometimes think leaving Lagos for Abuja was a mistake, but if I didn’t make that decision, I won’t have established this blog, I wouldn’t have been a writer or discovered my love for writing or it may have taken many long years before I discovered the gift, and I wouldn’t have learnt the art of baking or discovered my passion for it.

I remember when I was in Lagos and one of my friends was telling me he sees me one day becoming a baker, I didn’t believe it neither did I ever fathom I would one day bake or love it, but here I am; baking is one of my passions.

What the devil meant for evil, God turns it around for your good. Let me end this post with this famous quote.

“They wanted to bury me, but they didn’t know I was a seed”.

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