Is the Black Race under a Curse?

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I’m presently reading a book on the history of Nigeria and I came across the slave trade business in Nigeria.  I read how we sold our own people for Tin, for copper, for CLOTH, for FAME and POWER. Honestly, it really pained me.

We sold our people into slavery to suffer in the hands of ruthless foreign men all because we had the power and the stupidity to do so.

I read about how we used the slave trade to depopulate areas and villages we felt were too populated.

I read about how our politicians dressed in European linen and fineries (expensive or ostentatious clothes or decoration) bought with money gotten from the slave trade.

I read about how the slave trade made our people lazy and poor. Young Nigerians in their prime, men and women who were fit were sold off, so generations were cut short, and people preferred the quick profits from slave trade than engaging in actual business and handwork.

I read about how we preferred imported manufactured goods to our own brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, the mentality that anything foreign is better still persists in Nigeria today. There’s been a campaign for made in Nigeria goods to be patronized, but the truth is we still prefer foreign-made goods. My father calls this, post- colonization.

As I was reading all these, I was so sad. I told myself, no wonder black Americans do not like us’, we CHOOSE goods to them.

It is really disheartening to read about the number of people we sold off into slavery, in the 16th century, it is estimated that about One million slaves were transported to America. In the 17th century, that number grew to Three million slaves, in the 18th century, that number grew to a whopping Seven million slaves. These number is not just from Nigeria alone, but other African countries.

I kept asking myself, how will someone in their right senses, sell off their brothers and sisters just because of material gain?

Reading all these makes me sad honestly, I really hope and pray we love one another more. I really hope we love people and use things, instead of the other way round, I really hope the world becomes a better place and a safe haven for us all.

Black people in the US won’t have suffered the marginalization they suffered and still suffering if our ancestors were wise enough not to be wicked to their people.

I began to wonder if this is why there’s something wrong with the black race. Did the slaves curse their brethren who sold them off? Is the black race truly under a curse? For now, this is just a question I will keep asking myself.

If you have any contributions or answers to my questions, kindly share it in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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