Reflections of a Grateful Heart

grateful 2

Looking back over my life, I have come to the realization that I would not be where I am today if not for the experiences I have been through.

I am grateful for every time I cried so much that I thought my eyes would pop out. It was during those times, I learnt, I grew and I gained wisdom.

I am grateful for every time I fell, for every time I failed, for every mistake I made, for every time I was naïve for everytime I made the wrong choices because I realize now that for every fall, I learnt better how to walk. For every time mistake I made, I became wiser.

I am grateful for every experience that threatened to destroy me, times I thought I was finished; because if not for those low points I would never have discovered who I was, and who I was meant to be.

If not for those experiences, I would never have picked my pen and paper, I would have never written.

I am grateful to everyone who ever backstabbed me. The ones who betrayed my trust. I thank you today, because if I wasn’t, how would I be able to know, cherish and appreciate great friends. Friends who stood closer than a brother.

If my trust wasn’t betrayed, how would I gain wisdom, how would I know what life was all about, how would I have grown? True those times were painful, but looking back now, I can boldly say thank you.

I am grateful for everything people have said and done to me, why? Because out of my deepest pain, my biggest blessings were born. If not for the things I have been through, I would never have amounted to anything.

Lastly and most importantly, I am grateful for friends who are more than a brother, friends who encouraged me and made me see the best when I looked for the worst in me.

Today dear reader, I would like you to think back over your life, the truth is if you didn’t go through some of the things you went through, if you didn’t shed those tears, you would may have been delivered from that hopeless relationship, you may never have the kind of wisdom you have now, you may never have realised how strong and how capable you are.

I want you to from today to begin to appreciate those challenges, those times you cried like it was going out of fashion, those were the times you were being made.

Also, I want you to appreciate friends who have stood by you, friends who loved you in spite of things you’ve done, be grateful for them. Give them their roses while they can still smell it, life is too short.

Even with this appreciation, there are still times I wish I could fast forward my life, but still, I’m grateful for the privilege of experiencing them. I always tell myself, one day all these will soon be a thing of the past; a story.

I wish you all a productive week. I pray you begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. I pray you don’t give up just before your breakthrough. I pray you don’t drown under those challenges, I pray your dreams will come through and I pray you have the strength and courage to withstand the process.

Have a beautiful day.


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