Let’s talk about Gifts & Talents


Every gift, talent and passion are given by God to us. He blesses us with gifts and talents for us to use and use them for His glory. The problem now arises when we misuse these gifts to suit our own purpose. For example, people gifted in ICT using this gift for internet fraud. This is not the intention of God.

The truth is, if every one of us uses our gifts and talents the way God intended, the world will be a better place.

Unfortunately, most people do not know His intentions for the gifts, talents and passions given to them.

Why does this happen? This happens when we do not have a relationship with God.

One thing we should understand is that every man has a will, but God also has a will and a plan for our lives, and if we do not have a relationship with God, our will takes over and rules over us.

This is why we now use our gifts and talents to fulfil our own selfish interests and desires. For example, Adam & Eve, God placed them in the Garden of Eden so He could have a close relationship with them, so He could fellowship with them but they misused that privilege because of a selfish interest. What was the selfish interest? Eve wanted to be like God.

Or like someone who has a gift of persuasion, someone who broker deals, but instead uses that gift to manipulate people.

God is an intentional God and He doesn’t just bless people, He blesses us for a reason and a purpose.

How do we not misuse God’s gifts? Firstly, we must have a relationship with Him. It is through a relationship with our maker that we discover who we really are and why He made us.

Then we should ask Him; the creator of our lives, what our gifts are and what intentions He has for the gifts and talents He gave us and what is our place in His grand scheme of things.

Also, like I stated here, we should use every platform available to us to propagate His Kingdom, you have a talent in music? Use your music to give Him glory, not by singing stuffs Heaven would frown at.

Christianity is not just attending church, but it is about being a representative for Christ in the marketplace. What is the marketplace? The marketplace is our schools, businesses, offices etc. We are to use every facet of life, to showcase who God is.

Don’t waste your talent, don’t be like that servant who was given one talent by the Lord and he went and did nothing to it (Matthew 25:24-25). Use every gift and talent you have to glorify God, don’t use what God gave you to propagate hell.

The whole duty of man is to Fear God and keep His commandments, Ecclesiastes 12:13.

At the end of our lives, may God not tell us, ‘You wicked and lazy servant.

Thank you for reading.

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