You can’t take God out of the Equation and expect bliss.

quote20180109215321Whenever we take God out of the equation in our relationships, it always ends up a mess.

Love, Relationships, and Marriage are all God’s idea, but by our own intelligence and wisdom effectively removed Him from it.

We date people for the wrong reasons, we even marry people for the wrong reasons. We flout the instructions of God by having sex with our intended all in the name of Love.

We don’t ask or seek his opinion and guidance when we want to date someone. We assume that because the fellow is a Christian, a man of God or woman of God then that fellow is the one.

How many of us actually wait to hear God speak before we propose or accept a proposal? Marriage is a three-way partnership. A three-fold cord between the Man, the Woman, and God. If this cord is broken in any way, problem will arise.

We can’t expect to have great, successful and fulfilling relationships when we carelessly refuse to involve the originator of Love which is God.

One of the most traumatizing relationships I have ever had was the one I didn’t ask God or talk to God about the guy before I said yes. If there is anything I regret today is the fact that I never prayed about the relationship before I went in. I just assumed he was the one because He’s a Christian, speak in tongues and being my crush so God’s hand is definitely in it.

Thinking about it, where has our intelligence and wisdom got us? It has gotten us heartbreaks, divorce, depression, out of wedlock kids etc. We have neglected the instructions of God and found our own ways, yet things are not improving instead they are deteriorating.

Despite all, when these relationships crash because they will definitely, and we are left heartbroken, we go back to the same God we neglected in the beginning.

But being a merciful God, He always welcomes us with a warm embrace and consoles us.

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done and now we have to completely heal before we can move on; heal from wounds we had no business having in the first place.

Not just healing, but sadly starting all over again because instead of progressing we’ve taken major steps backwards. Now it will be more difficult to trust, more difficult to love, some backslide, some even lose hope, some their destinies have been forever altered.

Many of us have gone through unpalatable situations we wouldn’t have gone through if we had just waited for God or get His opinion FIRST.

You cannot navigate Life on your own, you cannot navigate the waters of Relationships on your own. We all need God, the orchestrator of Love and Life itself.

Before you say yes to that man ask God first, before you propose to that lady ask God first, before you sign the dotted lines, ask God first. I have written here how to hear God speak.

We can’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result. Let’s stick to God’s plan and see whether there won’t be a difference.

As always, I am rooting for you. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section. And also to follow me on social media @thegreat_lady

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