How to Keep your Secrets Safe


Ladies and Gentlemen, how’s the New Year so far? I hope you are making use of the fresh start? Don’t neglect your goals, pursue them vigorously. This is me assuming you have goals for the year. Anyway, to the post for today.

I would like to talk about how to keep your secrets safe. I may be assuming when I say almost everyone alive would have one secret or the other. It may be something you’ve done in time past that you’re ashamed of or something that you are doing right now that you believe if someone hears about it, your reputation may be ruined. Anyway, in my opinion, a secret is an information that you want to keep confidential.

The best way to keep your secret safe is to tell it to NO ONE. The truth is once you’ve told another living person, that information is no longer a secret.

My generalization may seem harsh, but the thing with we human beings is this, someone tells you a secret, you tell someone else for whatever reason and you tell the person it’s a secret oh make sure you tell no one. The person you told tells another person saying the same thing, it’s a secret oh, make sure you tell no one and the cycle continues and before you know it, it gets into the ears of the wrong person.

In life, as with Law, there are always exceptions to every rule as it is with the above.

There are a few people who would rather die than tell someone else a secret they’ve been trusted with. For example, one of my exes told me a very shocking secret and even after he backstabbed me and hurt me, till date, I haven’t told anyone that information; not even to my best friend. I just feel like his betrayal is on him, and that shouldn’t dictate my own action. If I spill his secret, I have betrayed his trust and that’s on me.

Honestly, guys, if you want an information kept secret forever better keep it to yourself. Once another living person has that information, it is no longer secret. If you cannot keep it to yourself, tell only trusted people. People who have proved their loyalty over the years to you. Or you can write it down but make sure you discard it.

I remember there was a story trending last year on Nigerian Twitter. Two ladies who were once best of friends were spilling each other’s secret when they had a quarrel. The things they were saying of each other was mind-blowing unbelievable.

Better still, spill your secret yourself, so no one can use it against you. Some people hold others to ransom or blackmail them because they have an information about the person no one else knows.

I would like to admonish us all, please if someone tells you a secret, no matter what, do not betray the fellow’s trust. Let people know they can count on you. It has become so common for ex-partners, ex-lovers, ex-friends to spill information they were told in confidence. No matter what the other party does, don’t be a child by revealing information you were told in trust.

You should count it a privilege that someone found you worthy to confide in. In this wicked and untrusting world of ours, it has become increasingly difficult to find, keep and maintain friendships and relationships where your past will not be used against you.

Please no matter what, do not betray a trust someone has in you. If you feel you will not be able to keep your mouth shut please tell the fellow not to confide in you.

This habit of spilling people’s secret has led many not to seek help or advice, or look for mentors they can confide in because people are afraid the whole world would know what they have done.

It’s sad that even in the body of Christ, people are afraid to confide in a fellow brethren because you will hear your matter in prayer meeting all in the name of “let’s pray for so, so so”.

I have experienced this firsthand, I was betrayed by people I never imagined, people I thought were Christians, even by Pastors. In the beginning, I couldn’t reconcile why someone will not be able to keep their mouth shut after confiding in them.

But I have since learnt. Any information I know I don’t want others to hear, I keep to myself. Any information I feel someone can use against me, I spill it myself. I have learnt to be an open book. I have learnt to keep my cycle very small. People are hard to trust these days, so before confiding in someone, make sure they have proved their loyalty.

Thinking about this critically, isn’t it better not to even have a secret? This looks impractical but I guess it’s possible. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen what do you think about this topic? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.


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