Do not Withhold any Information that could Influence a person’s decision to Marry you

people talking

Any information that you know in your heart can influence a person’s decision to marry you, please do not withhold it. You’ll be doing yourself & the person a huge favour. 

Love should be borne out of knowledge, so by withholding a material information you’re being selfish and unloving.

What do I mean by material information? Check out these examples, a divorce, a prior marriage, having a child, gross financial indebtedness, a medical condition or disease, material information are not limited to these, any information that could alter a person’s decision to marry you must be disclosed to your intended.

If you truly love someone you’ll inform your partner any material information about you.

If you withhold a material information and your partner later finds out, the consequences will be devastating and you may not be prepared for it. Never forget that a relationship founded on a lie can never stand.

Don’t destroy your future happiness today because you’re afraid of being rejected.
Let your intended make his/her mind with full knowledge of what they’re getting into. If they leave, fine & good.

There would always be someone who would love you regardless and treat you like the King/Queen that you’re.

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