Maybe if you hadn’t come across the bad, the worst, you wouldn’t know what the good feels like, neither will you be able to appreciate it. You may have kissed a lot of frogs; you may have been meeting all the wrong type of people all in your quest for love.

You may even be asking yourself, why do I keep meeting the wrong set of people? When will it happen? Is love even for me? Why do I get treated badly even though I showed love? Why am I paid evil despite the fact that I loved with all my heart? These may be burning questions in your heart and you are asking yourself if it’s all worth it.

The truth is; it is.

I was at a point in my life when I asked myself these questions and the above quote is what the Lord told me.

Truth is if you haven’t tasted the bad, you wouldn’t know what the good one will taste like. You wouldn’t when the King/Queen shows up; you may take them for granted and not realize what a jewel you have. I want you today to trust the process. I have realised in love, as you make mistakes and learn, you grow, you become wiser, and then you make better choices.

Don’t give up on love; don’t stop being who you are. In the end, you will be better for it.


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