In this my short time in life, I have just recently discovered that dreams do not actually die. Even if the said dream is not achieved, somewhere deep down, hidden in your soul is that dream. The truth is you may not even know it, but one day when a situation arises, you will discover there’s still a longing in your heart for that dream.

Just very recently, I met with an old friend who I haven’t seen in years. In the middle of catching up, he told me he was going abroad for his masters and I was so happy for him and just then I remembered my own dream.

I had always longed to study for my masters abroad. Immediately after my undergraduate studies, I immediately started applying to foreign schools. The first year I applied, I got admission. But my parents didn’t have the finance. I applied year after year and every year I would get admitted but still no money and after a while, I gave up.

I thought the dream had died until that fateful day seating across my friend when I wished I was him and when I imagined how his life would be abroad.

That was the day I knew that dreams don’t die, they are just thrown away to a forgotten part of your soul and one day no matter how long it takes; even in old age, you will remember, imagine and dream of what life would have been.

I don’t even know what I’m trying to say, maybe I’m just saying to everyone who has a dream and a goal, please keep your dream alive. Regardless of who or where you are, your dreams are valid. You will encounter a lot of challenges in this journey of life, but don’t let your dreams be one of its causalities. Be sure of one thing; you are capable of doing anything you set your heart to do.

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