On Monday while going through the traditional wedding pictures of Banky & Adesua (Nigerian Celebrities) on Bella Naija, I came across an interesting phenomenon, most of the ladies who were indecently dressed or dressed in a way that exposed parts of the body that needed not to be exposed; were single ladies.

Follow me closely please, you guys should not crucify me, but that was my observation.

Before I go any further, what is indecent dressing?

Indecent dressing simply means the deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public.

I had to beckon on my sister to view the pictures with me, I then asked her; why do most single ladies dress indecently when going to someone else’s wedding?

She said, in her opinion, it’s because they felt exposing themselves would enable them to find husbands.

What an interesting opinion.

Do you know the interesting part; every lady in the pictures who was dressed exposing issues was single? Immediately we saw a scantily dressed lady, I just knew she was single.

I’m no expert, but I don’t think dressing scantily to a wedding will get you a good guy; you may just end up attracting the type of guy who came for your body. Also, dressing indecently offends the sensibility of other people around you.

I have once written on this blog, a topic similar to this, How Should Christian Ladies Dress? Kindly read it, it’s very educational and mind-blowing.

The truth is, it’s not just #BAAD2017 (their wedding hashtag) but most weddings I view online, single ladies dress very scantily. I’m always left wondering why.

So I’ve decided to ask you guys,

First to the men: does a scantily/indecently dressed lady attract you?

To the guilty ladies: does this strategy work?

To others: why do you think some ladies dress scantily/indecently for weddings, what’s your opinion, please?

I await your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.


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