This evening, while watching E news, there was a segment where the presenters were talking about celebrities who signed a prenup before getting married and it got me thinking, in my mind, if you truly love and trust someone you wouldn’t sign a prenup or insist on having one.

My view may sound foolish because celebs sign prenups to protect themselves, but if you think about it very well, there’s just something wrong with prenups.

Why would a couple getting married, already factor having a divorce, cos that’s the basis of prenups, to protect themselves in the event of a divorce.

I see prenups as a way to control the other party. For example, a prenup that states the number of times they must have sex a week; it shows distrust, for example, prenups with a no-cheating clause and some are just wicked for example, a prenup that states a wife pays her husband $500,000 for every extra pound she gains above 135pounds.

While researching for this article, I read about a lot of celebs prenups and some are just outrightly weird. Khloe & Lamar’s prenup is just one of them, her prenup included $500,000 for each year of the marriage, $25,000 a month in support, the house, a car at the end of every lease cycle, $5,000 a month (for shopping, of course), $1,000 a month for beauty care, and lifetime courtside seats for Lakers games. When I read that I was like, did she really love him?

The only prenup I kind of like is the one between Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. It’s not even a marriage prenup but a dating prenup. Sources say that the dating prenup included one date per week and a minimum of a hundred minutes of alone time which can’t be in his apartment or at Facebook headquarters. But then again, why do you need a legal document just to have quality time with your spouse?

Anyway, this is my opinion and I could be wrong. I know here in Nigeria, prenups are not popular, but we can’t deny their existence and whether you like it or not, it’s happening around us. So dear readers over to you what is your opinion about prenups?

Share your thoughts in the comment section, thank you for reading.


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