Yesterday during my church midweek service, my Pastor spoke on keys to victory and one of the keys is paying attention to and obeying instruction. He said a lot of us have lost victories because we refused to obey instruction. That statement hit me hard because I personally suffered or rather experienced the consequence of not obeying instruction.

In the year 2011 in the city of Lagos, I was at Ojota on my way to my uncle’s house in Shangisha. I was to go with one of my cousins Olamide, who I kept calling when I got to the park but his number wasn’t reachable.

I was at a dilemma, should I go or should I not go? The cousin that was to take me was nowhere to be found. I then decided I will go.

But just as I was about to cross the road, I heard very CLEARLY in my spirit, DON’T GO. It was so clear it felt like someone beside me said it in my ears.

I ignored it, and crossed the road, I heard it again, DON’T GO, because something will happen and I would suffer the consequences for a long time.

Despite the fact that I knew it was God who was speaking to me, I refused to listen and proceeded on my journey.

I decided to walk a little to the Maryland junction to wait for my cousin. I was still at the park when a dark man walked up to me. He said he had come to Lagos for a conference and had missed his way and was therefore stranded. So he was asking me if I had directions to a certain place.

I told him I was a stranger in Lagos and didn’t know where he was talking about. He was walking away when he suddenly turned back and started “prophesying” to me. He told me some things about myself which I confirmed, I was shocked how he was able to say those things. Thinking about it now, what he said was something anyone could have guessed. He also said some people around me were trying to kill me and as stupid and naïve as I was, I believed him. He then said I should drop my bag with him and walk to a junction and say some prayers. That he would watch my bag for me.

Typing this is so hard, I can’t believe I was so stupid. Anyway, I did as he said. By the time I came back, both he and my bag were gone.

At first, I thought it was a movie. I searched everywhere, I shouted, some people only came to watch, and walked away but one man was kind enough to help me. He was working close by (apparently at the MTN office) and had heard my shout. He gave me money to go back home and gave me his phone to call my mother.

I didn’t tell you guys that inside my bag were my certificates. I had come to Lagos for an interview. I had done the first interview and was waiting for the company to contact me, so I just felt let me take my certificates in case they got in touch.

If tears could bring back my certificates, they would be right now beside me. I lost everything; my international passport, my original certificates, phone, money, atm, so many things. What pained me the most was my passport and my certificates.

That day the Lord told me I would suffer the consequences, last month when I went to my alma mater for my certificate, I was asked to produce the statement of result I was given. But it was part of what was stolen, I knew what I went through before I finally got that certificate. Thank God I still got it and thank God I hadn’t collected my Bcs certificate before that incident.

If you hear God, please get it from me today that it is a privilege. God speaks all the time but so many people cannot hear him, please don’t take that privilege for granted.

Sometimes when God asks us to do certain things, it may sound or look foolish, but please obey.

One of the keys to an intimate relationship with God is when you obey him without question or reluctance.

Sometimes he tells you to do certain things just to test us and see whether we trust him or not.

Please when God asks you to do something, please do it.

Let me say it again, Pay Attention to and Obey the Instructions of God, you will be better for it.

Thank you for reading. God bless you.

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