thinking man

Isn’t it funny that you see a barber who has a bushy unkempt hair or a person who sells phone but has no phone or an English teacher who speaks Pidgin(local Nigerian English)? It’s like selling your goods and not partaking of it.

These can be likened to the life of a mouth-no-action Christian. When you open your mouth to proclaim that you are a Christian but you don’t act like one, you are like a barber with a bushy unkempt hair.

Your life and behaviour must always tally with your words. You can’t call yourself a Christian and still cheat in the examination hall or you say that you are a Christian and you are involved in pre-marital sex, it doesn’t just correlate. To be a Christian means to be Christ-like.

Check your life today. Compare your life with the standards of the Bible, with the example that Christ has led down for us. Are you a Christian by mouth or by words and action? Don’t be a barber with a bushy unkempt hair!

Do you know that it is possible to win souls for Christ and still go to hell? I’m sure no one would ever want such. After all the “Christianity” we’ve proclaimed, we would now miss the eternal prize because of some little sin; Never! I won’t even wish that on my enemy.

You can’t be a Christian, leading others to Christ and still be living in secret sin. Our end goal as Christians is to live lives pleasing the Lord, preach the gospel, not miss the rapture and to see God face to face where He would tell us “WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT”.

So as we continue in this new month and in this life journey, we should be mindful of the type of example we set because we can never tell who is using our lives as their Bibles.

We should also not be hypocritical Christians who live in sin but appear to be the holiest saints ever.

And in case we have found ourselves in any compromising situation where we didn’t act like the child of God that we are, it is never too late to return to God, just like the prodigal son returned to his father because our God is a merciful and an all loving God and He is ever willing to receive us and pardon us.

Remember that God sees our every action and on the last day, we shall be accountable for all our deeds.


This post was written by Deborah Adeyanju. She is an aspiring medical doctor who is passionate about making a difference in the world of Medicine and life. Read her previous article here.


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