Hello everyone, happy new month and welcome to the month of November; the month of my birth (it’s exactly two weeks to my 29th). I am always excited when November begins. Maybe it’s because I love birthdays, hehehehehe. This month I pray for you all that everything you’ve wanted to achieve this year and you haven’t up till now, this month you will achieve them.

So in celebrating November borns and how unique we are and to remind you guys; you who have November borns around you how blessed you are to have us in your life (hahahahaha), I am sharing this article on our best traits. And I can tell you for free, that everything here is so true. Enjoy.

  1. They are unique

People born in November are sooooooo different from others. They are so unique that it’s hard to find someone like them. What makes them different is that they do things their own way. And their ideas are out of this world because they prefer to think outside the box. They have a certain way of doing things, which leaves a lasting impression on whoever they come across.

2. They are loyal

People born in this month are the most loyal people you will ever meet. When it concerns their relationship with friends, family and partners, they will never let you down. You can trust them with all your heart and not worry about them going behind your back or cheating on you. So what are you waiting for?! Go and find yourself a November-born! There’s more to come!

3. They are good looking

People born in November just can’t help themselves but look very attractive. Without even trying they attract attention like bees to honey. People love to be in their witty and laidback presence. This may sound good, but there are some people who may get envious of November borns because wherever they go they somehow seem to be the center of everything. Let’s face it, they’re natural!

4. They are hardworking

November borns are not the people for procrastination. They prefer to do things on time without any delay because if they make a mistake or get stuck, they have time to correct it. They know they are not perfect but they always try to stay fully committed to anything they do or are involved in, like 200%! They are diligent and fast!

5. They are calm and collected

People born in November are usually calm and can control their emotions unless they are provoked to the maximum. They will try their best not to have an outburst. They hardly ever get angry and annoyed but if they have ever snapped at you, then you probably did something bad in your life to deserve that. (LOL, just kidding!)

6. They have their own rules

November borns are different from others, especially in this case. They don’t care what others do, they make their own and unique way of doing things. They prefer to take the road no one else has taken before. This is when their thinking outside the box comes in handy. Their friends and family admire them for this trait of doing things differently. Yup, everyone needs the next one!

7. They need their space

People born in November often prefer to keep things on how they feel, to themselves. They don’t like people knowing about their deepest secrets, fearing they will be judged. But that doesn’t stop them from offering their shoulder to lean on for people in need. They may be secretive and private, but they will always be there for you.

8. They are often mistaken

November borns couldn’t hurt a fly! They don’t hurt anyone intentionally, and if they do, they were not aware of doing so. Unfortunately, November borns are often being misunderstood for their words or actions, so people mostly do not take a liking to them, or blame them for the problems in their lives. Which is quite unfair, don’t you think?

9. They are fair to everyone

Another good trait of many people born in November. They see everyone as equal who has the right to do whatever they want. They don’t judge others for their point of views or opinions and instead, they respect that. But they don’t stand around and accept if they see people doing anything wrong. They will make it their responsibility to correct others from making a mistake.

10. Too stubborn

November borns have their own views and opinions and they will only believe what they think is right. Sometimes they are too stubborn to accept that they can be wrong too. Since they respect others’ opinions they expect everyone else to respect theirs too. Well, it only seems fair, don’t you think?

Do you agree with the opinion about November borns or there’s more we don’t know about? Let us know in the comment section. 

Thank you for reading. 

Culled from https://www.dazzling.news


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