A few weeks ago, I went to my alma mater to collect my certificate nine (9) years after graduation. I know its been long, don’t ask me why I didn’t collect it earlier. Anyway, this time around I had to collect it because it was a requirement for promotion where I work.

The first day I went there, after all the stress, insults, in fact, if I write on what I faced, there would be no space, let me just say I couldn’t collect it. Just at the point of collection, I was denied because the original statement of result I was given at graduation was stolen.

Anyway, I came back the next day to apply for a new statement of result. I was told the woman in charge had gone for a meeting and until she gets back nothing could be done.

That began my waiting process, I had waited for over an hour still no sign of her and time was going. I started speaking, I will collect my certificate today because I won’t come back here. When I spoke that word, it seemed like nothing was happening, and the devil was trying to torment me. I checked the time it was almost 3 pm and once its 4 pm in a Nigerian government office, no one would attend to you again; but still no sign of her, but I kept speaking and I refused to be discouraged. I kept saying, I will collect my certificate today because I won’t come back here.

So there I was hoping and praying I still get my certificate before 4 pm because I didn’t want to return to that school.

I then started praying, but I was praying panic prayers, prayers in desperation and the Lord told me stop all these cry cry prayers and speak the Word. It was like something just hit me and then I said, I end that meeting NOW, let that woman start coming.

You guys wouldn’t believe it, not up to five (5) minutes later, I saw this woman coming. Guess what, she came to meet me herself, young lady what are you doing here? You’ve been waiting for long, I told her I needed a new statement of result in order for me to collect my certificate.

She said, follow me. She confirmed my result, proceeded to the office where the statement would be typed and told the guy, please type this lady’s statement now, so she can collect her certificate. I was surprised how she took it personally. The guy did his work and then took it to the registrar who was to sign.

This woman personally went to the registrar office to collect the statement, gave it to me and said, go and collect your certificate, it’s almost four so you would still meet them.

It was like a miracle, how God used that woman for me. She was like an angel who was sent to help me.

What is my point in all this? There is power in the words you speak, you have the power to change a situation; all you have to do is speak the word.

The thing is, nothing may happen for a while, the devil will try to torment you and make you feel like what you’re doing is not productive, but refuse to give in, just keep speaking, do not be afraid, hold on to God’s word and that situation will change.

I had earlier written on, the power in the spoken word in Your life goes in the direction of your mouth. The words you speak are very powerful, they would either give you fruits or poison; your choice.

Have you had any situation where you experienced the power of spoken words? Kindly share it in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.


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