essence of marriage

Hello, everyone, I hope you all had a productive week? So last night, I was watching Ants in my ear: an episode of body bizarre on TLC and in that episode was a man who had been carrying a tumour; a tumour with an estimated weight of 60kg between his legs, for twelve years.

The guy was so heavy and unable to move without help. His tumour was unbelievably very big and it rendered him completely useless to himself and he had to rely on other people to be able to move around, worse, even to use the bathroom he had to be helped.

But guess what guys; there was someone who was helping him, taking care of him and doing it willingly and joyfully; his wife. Honestly speaking, seeing the man the way he was, it’ll be difficult to imagine he would have a care giver who was caring for him happily.

You needed to see how his wife was happily bathing him, in her words, she said he’s the love of my life and I want to grow old with him. Somehow I was shocked, but you see that’s the essence of marriage. I told my sister, the man wouldn’t have survived till this time, if he didn’t have a very supportive partner.

Imagine caring for someone for twelve years with no end in sight. The only way, the man would be free was if the tumour would be removed surgically, but doctors around the country refused to carry out the surgery because it was a high-risk case.

He had a deficiency in his body that meant that calories could not be transformed into energy, and so, calories were stored in his body as fat. That meant this man was morbidly obese.

But somehow as God would favour them, the church the woman attended, contacted a doctor who agreed to carry out the surgery.

What is my point in all of this? If this man did not have the support of his wife all the years he lived with the tumour he wouldn’t have been able to make it. Not every woman would have stayed, but she did and with the help of God and his wife he pulled through.

Married partners are to support one another, when one is weak, the other should be strong so as to strengthen the other one. Marriage is to be a companionship, a partnership of two people who have sworn to face life together.

Life is full of ups and downs, and it may be challenging at a point in time, but blessed are you if you have the right partner by your side; more than half of your problem is solved.

To the singles reading this, may God help and guide us to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a life partner. And to the married ones, may your marriage be a true partnership, may your partner be your companion and your friend indeed.



  1. I loved this. I have a muscle condition that makes my muscles weak and my husband is so supportive. His support really got me through, especially when we first got the diagnosis. Support from your partner is everything!! Great read.


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