Last two Sundays after service, still standing outside my church building watching as people were leaving, chatting and taking pictures, I noticed a group of children playing and running around. A little girl just around two (2) years of age fell down while running and she fell down hard.

I and my sister who was watching expected that it would be difficult for the girl to stand up or even if she did, she would get up crying; but surprisingly she got up laughing.

Then it struck me how easy it was for children to get up after a fall, laugh over it like it was nothing, but how difficult it is for adults to stand up after a fall. But why is that? Why is it difficult for adults to get up after a fall?

A fall in this instance could be anything from making a mistake, hitting a brick wall, a betrayal, loss, disappointment, any other unfortunate or unplanned incident.

Before we became adults, we were children who were once happy go lucky, we never gave up disturbing our parents for something we wanted, but suddenly as we grow up we begin to find it difficult to move on, find it easy to give up, find it difficult to overlook certain things. Is it because we hold on to sad incidences and refuse to let go? What happened to us?

How do you stand up after a fall? Let’s look again at the analogy of a child. Why do you think a child stands up immediately they fall?

  • Because they see falling as part of the play. That’s why they laugh when they fall. So from today, I want you to see your fall, your mistakes as part of life, as part of something you must go through.
  • A child knows that if he/she cries, the play is over. So in life, if you refuse to get up after falling, you will miss out on what you would have achieved. The thing is, the world is moving; continuously but you my friend is STILL on the FLOOR.
  • Back to the child I am using as my example in this story, before she fell, no one was paying her any attention, but immediately she fell she got our full attention. We were all watching to see her reaction to the fall, but surprisingly she took a moment to take it all in. when you fall, also take a moment to understand why you fell, learn from it so it doesn’t repeat itself again. The little girl dusted herself up, stood, looked around her, laughed and continued her play. So dust yourself, you don’t know who is watching and who your rising will inspire. We all expected her to cry but she shocked us all, so don’t stay down inspire someone today to reach their goals irrespective of what may come at them.

Life is not easy, success doesn’t come cheap, you will meet with obstacles, you will be discouraged, you will be broke, you will be betrayed, but as long as you don’t stay down, as long as you don’t give in, as long as you don’t give up, you will succeed.

Forgive whoever betrayed you, learn from what happened and move. Whatever you do, refuse to stay down. Get up and continue playing.

This year ran pretty fast and we just entered the tenth month of the year, you may have fallen, you may have come across obstacles in your journey, but I don’t want you to remain on the floor.

The road to success is paved with many obstacles, you will make mistakes, you will do things that may cause you to regret, but I want you to get up and move. Don’t stay down, the world is waiting for your raising.

I would like to end this, with this passage, Matthew 18:3, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”.

Happy New Month guys, may this month be all you wish for and more.

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