Before my sister started her blog, she told me about the blog idea and I supported her (as a good sister) because the idea was a good one but then she told me I should prepare write-ups and articles to put on the blog (mind you, I had never written anyone before). I was really confused on how to even start or how to write. After a while of no response from me, I think she got the memo and stopped asking me (this was last year). But then, at the beginning of August, she didn’t even ask me, I suggested having a segment on her blog.

Now here’s where I’m headed;

As at the time she started her blog, I had not learnt how to listen to God or how to read my mind and pen something down (write an article), but then with time comes maturity and growth and I think that’s what happened to me.

You can’t force things to be if they are not meant to be, you will only have everything all messed up and have a hard time trying to keep things together.

When God hasn’t given you a go ahead, then don’t go because the road hasn’t been prepared for the journey you are willing to set out to take. In life, we must learn patience (unfortunately, a lot of us lack this in this generation). In as much as time is of the essence, patience is a virtue we all must possess.

Have you been asking God for something and it’s not coming or you want to launch into a project and you’ve been asking God for the go ahead and He isn’t responding, remember God knows best and He has good expectations for us, so He won’t withhold that which is good from you, at the appointed time, He would let you know and give you the grace and strength for that task. So just wait because all things are finally going to work out for your good at the end.

Deborah Adeyanju is an aspiring medical doctor who is passionate about making a difference in the world of Medicine and life. Check out her previous article here and here.

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