Hello everyone, I hope you had an amazing weekend? My weekend was amaze balls, courtesy of COZA. Yeah, the same church you’ve heard about; COZA. On Thursday, while lazily browsing Facebook, I came across a notification from Fb about an event that some of my FB friends would be attending. I half-heartily checked it out and found out about the COZA global family conference. It was to hold from 8th to 10th of September.

As I was wondering how I would be able to make it for the event, I later came across a flyer that there would be free transport. Who no like awoof na, I called the number for the free transport and made plans to attend.

You guys know me, I know how to tell a story but I would not talk too much, I would just tell you guys, COZA na correct church.



Where will I start from? Is it the entrance, the restroom, the ambience, the sound, the choir, or the people? When you sight the church just from the outside it looks like heaven (lol), I’m serious sha. It’s beautiful. I & my brother were talking about this and I told him in other places, there’s toilet, but in COZA it’s a restroom, haha haha. Immediately you step into the restroom, you enter a cold room, all the heat and the sweat you brought from outside evaporates away, lol. The place is beautiful.

The sound in COZA is super; gosh it’s hard to explain. The ambience, lights is mind-blowing. This is not my first time in COZA oh; this is just the first time I’m writing about the church. Even though it’s being a while I stepped into COZA, it felt like home immediately I got to the church.

The people are warm, inviting and welcoming. I went with one of their buses and immediately we stepped down from the bus, there were people waiting to receive us, clapping for us, like we were important, I was feeling like a G. COZAITES are also very friendly, imagine a stranger allowed me to use his laptop for an urgent official work I had to do. I was so surprised, he let me use his system, and not only his system but he provided internet service also. God bless him for me.

There are many other things I love about COZA. COZA is a praying church, people criticize this church too much, it’s because they don’t know COZA. They don’t joke with prayer, speaking in tongues or using your mouth to declare and arrange your destiny. They’re also a close-knit family; they love and celebrate themselves well. They have one form of greeting, “I Celebrate you”. Everywhere I was this weekend during their programme people kept greeting me with I Celebrate you, at first it was strange because I wasn’t used to it, but I love it. What you celebrate comes to you.



Then their choir, The Gratitude, I love them. I have a few of their videos on my tab, but seeing & hearing them live was something else. Those guys are too much; I love their energy, their harmony, their songs and their voices, lol. At the end of this post, I will include one of their videos so you can understand what I am talking about.

COZA is a fun church; it’s the type of church that you’ll be hungry to go to church. It’s that fun. I love the place. This weekend was amazing; there was lots of fun, music, dance, shows and games and the word was on point. There’s something Pastor Biodun said on Friday, he said, “don’t validate sin. If you have struggles, accept that you have it and work on yourself”.

So there you have it, how was your weekend like? Share with us. Have you ever attended COZA? What was your experience like? Kindly share with us.

I wish you all a ground breaking week. May you walk through open doors and may blessings be overdosed on you.

Thank you for reading.

PS: to my oyibo readers, who no like awoof na means who doesn’t like free things.

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